Latex Foam Ghana: Prices, Where To Buy & More

Are you in need of a foam product in Ghana? Do you want to buy a new mattress, pillow, or any foam product in Ghana?

If your answer to any of the questions asked above, then you will find this article helpful and interesting. This is because, in this article, I am going to show you everything you need to know about Latex Foam Ghana, their products, and where you can get some to buy.

As we are all aware, foam products especially mattresses are very important and useful. Sleeping wouldn’t have been comfortable if there were no mattress.


There are several foam product manufacturers in Ghana and one of the leading names in the industry is Latex Foam Ghana.

Latex Foam Rubber Products Limited was established on the 8th of March 1969 to produce quality foam products for both the bedding and furniture industry in Ghana and West Africa as a whole.

Latex Foam is the oldest foam product manufacturer in the industry in Ghana. 

With over 50 years of experience in the foam industry in Ghana, there is no doubt that Latex Foam Ghana is one of the best foam manufacturers in Ghana. 

Throughout this period, they have been able to combine their experience with modern technology to produce products that are fit for the Ghanaian local market.

Latex Foam Ghana Types of Mattresses

Several types of mattresses are produced by Latex Foam Ghana and below are some of the popular ones.

  • Latex Foam Prestige Pocketed Spring Mattress.
  • Latex Foam Princess Honeymoon Spring.
  • Latex Foam Orthopedic Honeymoon Spring.
  • Latex Foam Anti-stress memory foam.
  • Latex Foam Ultraflex foam.
  • Latex Foam Ultrafirm foam.
  • Latex Foam Honeycomb foam.
  • Latex Foam Super high-density honeymoon foam.
  • Latex Foam High-Density Honeymoon foam.
  • Latex Foam Standard density honeymoon foam.
  • Latex Foam Obolo High Density

Latex Foam Ghana Types of Pillows

  • Latex Foam Anti-stress pillow
  • Latex Foam Honeycomb pillow
  • Latex Foam Ultraflex pillow
  • Latex Foam Orthopedic pillow
  • Latex Foam Dona pillow
  • Latex Foam Dona compressed pillow
  • Foam Pillow
  • Latex Foam Micro pillow
  • Latex Foam Maternity body pillow
  • Latex Foam Ball fibre pillow

Latex Foam Ghana Types Of Bed

  • Latex Foam Upholstered divan bed
  • Latex Foam Divan bed

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Latex Foam Ghana Accessories

Aside from the foam products sold at Latex Foam Ghana, there are some other accessories they sell. Below is a list of them:

  • Duvet
  • Towels
  • Cotton bed sheet
  • Mattress topper

Latex Foam Ghana Types Of Sofas

  • Sofa bed
  • Sofa set

Where To Buy Latex Foam Ghana Products

Latex Foam Accra Showroom (Head Office & Main factory)

Dadeban Road, North Industrial Area, Kaneshie

Post Office Box 533, Accra, Ghana

+233 302 231 155 – 62 /+233 302 223 107/+233 302 222 189

Latex Foam Ghana Kumasi Factory

Plot No. 9-11, Block A, Kaase Industrial Area,

Post Office Box 6444, Kumasi, Ghana

+233 322 029 365/+233 322 028 319

Latex Foam Ahodwo Showroom

Ahodwo, Kumasi, Ghana

+233 277 978 767

Latex Foam Tema Showroom

Community 2, Tema, Ghana

+233 244 638 937

Latex Foam Sunyani Showroom

No. 1, Traffic Light Pharmacy, Sunyani, Ghana 

+233 352 024 972

Latex Foam Takoradi Showroom

Apremdo Market, Takoradi, Ghana

+233 208 164 207

Latex Foam Tamale Showroom (Frimpong Yaw)

Bolgatanga Road, Tamale, Ghana

+233 208 296 917/+233 246 522 205

Latex Foam Tamale Showroom

Central Tamale, Ghana

+233 242 782 279

Apart from Ghana, Latex Foam Ghana has some branches outside Ghana and these are:

Latex Foam Niger Showroom

Zone Industrielle

Post Office Box 13783, Niamey, Niger

+227 (20) 743 636/37/38/+227 (94) 953 636/+227 (96) 991 757

Latex Foam Burkina Faso Showroom

Zone Industrielle de Koosodo

Post Office Box 01 BP 3754,

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

+233 (50) 357 413/+226 (70) 757 575

Latex Foam Ghana Mattress Prices

Based on the research I performed, I have tabulated the price range for the latex foam Ghana prices.

Size6 inches (GHS)7 inches (GHS)8 inches (GHS)
King Size1,200 – 1,5001,398 – 1,6001,594 – 2,000
Queen Size1,052 – 1,3001,100 – 1,5001,300 – 1,600
Large Size786 – 1,000890 – 1,0001,028 – 1,300
Medium Size600 – 800700 – 1,000809 – 1,100
Small size500 – 700600 – 800688 – 800


There are several types of foam producers in Ghana and Latex Foam Ghana is undoubtedly one of the best on the market. 

Although some of the mattresses might look very expensive, it is best to buy quality and save yourself hospital costs in the future. If you buy fake and unhealthy mattresses, it goes a long way to affect your spinal cord.

Latex foam has been tried and tested by physicians and if you choose to buy from them, you rest assured that you are not throwing your money away.

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