KFC Ghana: Menu, Prices, Deals, Branches & Contact Info

Our beautiful country Ghana can boast of some of the best food joints and vendors in the entire African continent. One of such good food companies is KFC Ghana, a branch of the broad KFC Corporation in Louisville, Kentucky.

KFC started in a town called Louisville, Kentucky in the United States of America, hence the name Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

The company was started by the late Colonel Harland Sanders; the familiar face you see on the official KFC logo. It all started when he cooked one meal with some secret herbs and spices scratched out on the back door to his kitchen.


Now, KFC has over 23,000 outlets in over 140 countries and territories all over the world. KFC is undoubtedly one of the best food companies in Ghana.

This article is going to give a brief about the KFC Ghana menu, prices, deals, branches, contact info, and everything you need to know about KFC Ghana.

KFC Ghana Menu & Prices

KFC Ghana has one of the best menus in Ghana. Below is a list of the menu and its prices at the various branches of KFC Ghana.

KFC MealPrice (in GHS)
Burger meal66.00
Colonel burger43.00
Zinger burger43.00
Tower burger52.00
Streetwise 1 with chips33.00
Streetwise 2 with chips50.00
Streetwise 2 with rice55.00
Streetwise 3 with chips66.00
Streetwise 3 with rice72.00
Streetwise 5 with large Chips94.00
Family treat237.00
Wicked Zinger meal51.00
Fully loaded meal94.00
Box master meal79.00
Twister meal66.00
Box master54.00
Hash brown8.00
Chicken pops meal50.00
1 piece of chicken22.00
2 piece chicken42.00
6 lime chilli wings55.00
12 lime chilli wings99.00
6 crispy strips50.00
3 crispy strips28.00
Large chips22.00
Regular chips17.00
Fried rice (350 grams)22.00
9 pieces bucket182.00
12 pieces bucket231.00
15 pieces bucket275.00
18 pieces bucket308.00
Mini oreo krusher15.00
Mini blueberry krusher15.00
Oreo krusher22.00
Blueberry krusher22.00
Soft twirl11.00

The prices have been updated as at 26th November 2022, to reflect the recent pricing.

As time goes one, KFC Ghana keeps on updating its menu and prices. Therefore, a meal you didn’t find here today could be on their menu the next time visit a KFC branch or the prices might increase or reduce a little.

KFC Ghana Deals

To award and draw more customers, KFC Ghana provide special promos and deals for their customers. As at the time, we wrote this article, the following deals were available:

  • Chicken Rice Bowl (fried rice, chicken bites with shito) – GHS 12.00
  • Streetwise 5 (5 pieces chicken and large chips) – GHS 39.00
  • Crunch burger with chips (1 piece of crunch burger and 1 regular chips) – GHS 15.00
  • Tasty Tuesday (6 pieces chicken) – GHS 30.00 available on selected Tuesdays.

KFC Ghana Delivery Partners

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KFC Ghana collaborates with some delivery partners in the places where they have branches. These delivery partners help to deliver food to customers who order them online or via phone.

These partners are Shopnaw and Jumia Foods. You can reach Shopnaw on 0302422721/0591515817 and Jumia Foods at 0276502166.

KFC Ghana Branches and Their Contact Info

KFC Ho Branch

On the Housing Road (0308251000)

KFC Osu Branch

F739/2 Oxford Street, Accra (0302963086)

KFC Kaneshie Melcom Branch

Melcom Plus Mall, Otublohum Road, Accra (0302945547)

KFC Sakumono Branch

Community Junction 18, Spintex Road, Accra (0245750586)

KFC Marina Mall Branch

2nd floor, Airport Bypass Road, Marina Mall Shopping Centre, Accra (0302954198)

KFC Dansoman Branch

Asoredanho Mateheko Junction, Dansoman Rd, Accra (0303934323)

KFC East Legon Branch

47 Lagos Avenue, Accra (0201725363)

KFC Junction Mall Branch

Junction Mall, Nungua Main Road (0303965027)

KFC Achimota Mall Branch

Achimota Retail Centre, Nsawam Road, Accra (0303967975)

KFC Haatso Branch

Haatso, Agbogba Junction (0302903598)

KFC Adenta Shell Branch

Lame Dwaahe Street, Adenta Municipality (0302906093)

KFC Weija Branch

West Hills Mall, Weija Accra (0302936749)

KFC Circle Branch

10 New Town Lane, Accra (0302960813)

KFC Accra Mall Branch

Second Food Research Road, Accra (0302940290)

KFC Tema Branch

Tema Shell Service Station, Community 11 (0302987202)

KFC Asokwa Branch

133 Lake Road, Kumasi (0322397788)

KFC Bekwai Branch

Bekwai Roundabout, Kumasi (0362193743)

KFC Tamale Branch

Salaga Road, Tamale (0504358881)

KFC Takoradi Branch

Obetsebi Lamptey Road, Takoradi (0312292276)

KFC Sunyani Branch

Sunyani – Berekum Road, Sunyani (0202439368)

Currently, these are the available KFC Ghana branches. As time goes, they keep on adding new branches to their list.


This article has been clearly written to give you all the information you need about KFC Ghana. Apart from the amazing menu, they have, they also have amazing customer service.

Also, you can get gift vouchers at each of the branches listed above.

I hope this article was helpful? If you have any questions, comments and suggestions feel free to write them down in the comments section below.

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