IVF in Ghana: Cost and Hospitals that Take on The Treatment

In-vitro fertilization(IVF) is an assisted reproductive technology introduced to help couples who are finding it difficult to make children due to some factors. Childlessness is responsible for many emotional and psychological struggles in a marriage or relationship.

Gone are the days when childlessness meant affliction and stigmatization, now there are many ways through which you can get pregnant and have children safely.

How is IVF done in Ghana?

In-vitro fertilization is one of these ways. During this procedure, matured and healthy eggs are retrieved from the ovaries and fertilized by sperm in a laboratory, and transferred to a uterus. A full cycle is known to take about three weeks or longer. It is usually done when it is confirmed that a woman’s fallopian tube is blocked.


Fallopian tube blockage is one major cause of infertility. It is caused by infection, pelvic adhesions, and not having sex regularly. Due to the blockage, sperm is unable to reach the eggs to aid reproduction. Apart from that, a woman who is above age 40 whose fertility has naturally declined can use IVF to get pregnant. In the case where the man has a low sperm count, sperm from a donor can be taken and used for the process.

How much does IVF cost in Ghana?

Using this assisted reproductive technology can cost you a lot of money. The process is expensive in itself, and if you already have an underlying condition that needs to be treated, it will cost you more. On average, you will need to have between GHS18,000 and GHS40,000 for treatment, throughout the process. It can be more or less, depends on the hospital, the period used, and if you may need to treat a condition.

In a situation where you and your wife have problems, maybe your wife has a fallopian tube blockage and you have a low sperm count as well, you will need a sperm donor, which will cost you a lot of money as well, but it will all be worth the cost. Hospitals like Medifem, Provita, Ruma specialist hospitals have sperm banks.

What you need to know about doing IVF in Ghana

You and your husband or sperm donor will need to go through medical screening, the process will give the doctors a clear view of your conditions and what they can do about it, how long it will take, and what advice to give you. In case you do not want to conceive immediately, you can freeze your eggs for use later, your husband can freeze his sperm as well, for up to 19 years.

IVF is safe and has a 35 to 70 percent success rate. It is one of the surest methods you can trust to get pregnant. Other methods include Intra-uterine insemination and Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection. The advice doctors give to couples who want to give birth most of the time is that they should have sex every 48hours for a few weeks, if it doesn’t work, then the methods above will be your only option, most of the time

In a case where a woman cannot carry a child, In-vitro fertilization can be used and another woman will carry the child, using the man’s sperm (because having sex with someone else’s husband can be a little too much). This method is called surrogacy.

Hospitals that offer IVF services in Ghana

There are a few hospitals in Ghana that have the needed equipment and uses this method to help many couples. These hospitals have been doing this for a very long time. People know about it, but sometimes, it is too expensive for them. If you are financially prepared, you can start the process today and become a parent in no time.

Below is a list of some of the best hospitals in Ghana, where you can visit to make needed inquiries.

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  • Medifem Hospital
  • Pro Vita Specialist Hospital
  • Airport Women’s Hospital
  • Ruma Specialist Hospital
  • Lapaz Community Hospital
  • Finney Fertility
  • Tema Women’s Hospital
  • Lister Hospital
  • Euracare
  • TrustCare Specialist Hospital
  • Ebony IVF

For some people childbirth is an honor, an achievement, if you are one of those people, don’t miss the opportunity to be a mother or a parent, if you are financially stable enough, take on the good course. In-vitro fertilization is safe, you don’t lose anything, rather, you gain. You become a mother or a father.

Then the next question is if the IVF cycle can be done twice? Yes. There is no limit to the number of cycles you want to go through, as long as you are healthy enough for it, you are good to go. Be sure to ignore all ignorant claims and myths about this treatment. People frown upon it, especially people who associate childlessness with spiritual afflictions. You can become a parent today if you have the means.

Do enough inquiries and make sure you are satisfied with what you know to move forward with further arrangements.

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