How to write application letter for study leave for GES + Sample

Applying for study leave can be a crucial step in advancing your career as an educator. Whether you’re looking to pursue a new degree, attend a professional development program, or conduct research, obtaining study leave from the Ghana Education Service (GES) is essential.

With the right approach and a persuasive letter, you can increase your chances of getting approval for your study leave and taking the next step in your educational journey.

Writing an effective application letter for study leave can be challenging. In this article, we will guide you through the process and provide you with a sample application letter to help you write a successful study leave application letter.

Requirements needed for GES Study Leave

  1. You must have served at least three years after completing the College of Education.
  2. Applicants who are serving the GES in deprived districts or schools are eligible.
  3. All qualified applicants must pursue an approved courses as determined by the director of GES.
  4. GES staff who are pursuing second or third-degree do not qualify for the study leave.
  5. Principle Superintendents who obtained their rank through a sandwich programme do not qualify
  6. GES staff who are 55 years and above do not qualify for the study leave

Documents needed for GES study leave

  1. Updated Personal Record Form with a passport picture.
  2. First appointment letter
  3. Confirmation letter
  4. Certificates (BECE, WASSCE & DBE)
  5. Birth Certificate
  6. Payslip
  7. SSNIT Card

How to write an application letter for study leave for GES

1. Addressing the Letter

Begin your application letter by addressing it to the appropriate authority within the GES. This could be the Director-General, Regional Directors, or your immediate supervisor, depending on the organization’s structure.

2. Introduce Yourself

In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and provide relevant details about your current role within the GES. Mention your department, position, and the number of years you have been serving in the organization.

3. State the Purpose

Clearly articulate the purpose of your study leave request. Specify the course or program you intend to pursue and explain how it aligns with your professional goals and the needs of the GES.

4. Justify the Need for Study Leave

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Highlight the significance and relevance of the course or program you plan to undertake. Explain how it will enhance your current job performance, equip you with new methodologies or strategies, and enable you to contribute more effectively to the GES.

5. Outline Study Plan

Provide a detailed study plan that outlines the duration of your study leave, including any specific dates or timelines. Mention the location of the program or institution you will be attending, along with any supporting documentation such as admission letters or registration forms.

6. Describe the Financial Implications

Acknowledge the financial implications of your study leave and demonstrate that you have considered the associated costs. Outline any financial arrangements you have made, such as scholarships, sponsorships, or personal funding.

7. Highlight Return on Investment

Convince the authorities of the long-term value and return on investment that your study leave will bring to the GES. Explain how the knowledge and skills you acquire will directly contribute to the growth and development of the organization.

8. Express Gratitude and Professionalism

Conclude by expressing your gratitude for considering your application and assure the authorities of your continued dedication to the GES.

Sample Letter for GES Study Leave

Your address

District address

Dear Madam,



I am writing to apply for study leave in accordance with the study leave policy of the Ghana Education Service. I believe that pursuing further studies will significantly contribute to my professional growth as an educator and benefit the GES as an institution.

I am planning to enroll in a Master’s program in Educational Leadership and Administration at [Name of Institution].

This program is designed to equip educators with advanced leadership skills, educational management strategies, and policy implementation techniques. The duration of the program is two years, starting from [Start Date] to [End Date].

By undertaking this program, I aim to enhance my knowledge and skills in educational leadership, develop a deeper understanding of effective school management, and acquire the expertise required to lead and inspire a diverse student body.

I firmly believe that the insights gained from this program will enable me to make significant contributions to the GES’s vision of providing quality education to all Ghanaian students.

During my study leave, I understand the challenges that may arise in managing my responsibilities.

To address this concern, I am willing to collaborate with my fellow educators and devise a plan to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of the teaching and learning process.

I am open to providing guidance and support to my colleagues, even remotely, to maintain the high standards of education we strive for at the GES.

I have attached a copy of my admission letter. I count on your usual cooperation. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,


Mobile Number



The Headteacher – Name of School


Writing an application letter for study leave is a crucial step in securing the opportunity to further your education and professional development as an educator. By following the guidelines provided in this article, you can increase your chances of success in obtaining study leave from the GES.

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