How to Write a Funeral Invitation Letter in Ghana

Have you lost a loved one, condolences. You want to write invitation letters to family members and sympathizers but you probably do not know how to go about it. Funeral invitation letters are very easy to write and do not usually take the form of a formal letter

Be straight forward and articulate, do not write about unnecessary things, do not greet your reader or anything of that sort. The letter should contain this information

– The name of the deceased 


– When and where the funeral will be held

– Will the family accept contributions from guests?

– Will there be a gathering after the funeral?

– Contact details (for clarification and directions)

These are the few and important pieces of information, that should be visible in your letter. Below is a sample of a funeral invitation letter, addressed to the school of a deceased student.

7th Crescent Avenue,

P. O. Box Co 3,


9th January 2021

The Administration,

Fetteh Sen. High School,

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P. O. Box 880,


Dear Sir, 

With great grief, the Agyeman family wishes to inform the school administration of the death of one of your own, Anthony Agyeman. Who passed away on January 1, 2020, from a short ailment. Anthony was a science student in your noble institution.

We want to invite you to the funeral viewing at the Pentecost Church, at Community 3, Tema, on 1st February 2021 from 10 am to 4 pm. Burial will be held a week later at the Osu cemetery. 

The family will accept contributions and support from sympathizers. In case of monetary contribution, send to account number 8445229091865, or deliver it personally to 7th Cresent Avenue, Tema Community 3. 

There will be a Thanksgiving service at the Pentecost Church after the burial.

Contact the family by calling +233 544 946 345 or +233 501 238 294. Call those numbers for clarification, more information, or directions to the family house.

You are cordially invited, may his soul rest in peace. 

Yours faithfully,

Agyeman family.

The letter above is very simple and articulate and that is what you should be aiming to write. You can add some more information if you prefer, depending on who you are addressing the letter to and the relationship you have with them.

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