How to use Herbasoul

Aphrodisiacs are substances that have the potential to increase a person’s sex drive and arousal. Traditionally, these substances have been used to increase libido, improve sexual performance, and enhance pleasure during sex.

Herbasoul time cream is a male genital cream that purposed to increase flow of blood to the penis and slows reaction to increased sexual stimulation. It is designed to help individuals increase their libido, enhance their pleasure during sex, and improve their sexual performance.

Therefore helping you maintain erection longer. Herbasoul time cream can guarantee you a long foreplay that increase satisfaction of your partner.

How to use Herbasoul time cream


Using Herbasoul time cream is simple and easy. Follow the steps below:

  1. Start by cleansing your genital shaft with a gentle cleanser. Then, pat it dry with a soft cloth.
  2. Apply a small amount of the Herbasoul time cream to the shaft of your penis in a gentle circular motions.
  3. Allow the cream to absorb into your skin this should take roughly 20-30 minutes.
  4. After the cream has fully absorbed, wash it off with soap and water.
  5. Now, its time for action.

Where to buy Herbasoul time cream in Ghana

Herbasoul time cream can be purchase at any pharmacy shop around you. You can also order online from, biahonlinecom, and others.

Final words

For those looking to increase their libido and arousal, Herbasoul Aphrodisiac can be a great tool. The essential oils and herbal extracts used in this blend can increase your libido and provide a more pleasurable experience. With its natural and safe ingredients, Herbasoul Aphrodisiac is a great way to boost your libido and pleasure.

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