How to unmute someone on WhatsApp

The usage of social media apps has been increased drastically. More and more people are taking to their phones for entertainment and this has given rise to more status update and forwarded messages on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Status is an incredibly popular feature of the messaging app, allowing users to share their thoughts, feelings, and activities in the form of pictures, videos, and GIFs.  Now, if you are annoyed with anyone’s WhatsApp status update you can simply mute them. You can mute the status updates of a particular contact so they won’t appear towards the top of the status tab anymore.

However, a time may come where you might want to unmute the muted contact. Don’t worry because that is also possible and easy to do. In this article,  we will be showing you the steps to mute and unmute WhatsApp contacts on your status.

How to mute WhatsApp contacts on your status

  1. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  2. To see the status shared by other users in your contact list, tap the Status option.
  3. From the status update list, tap and hold the contact name of the user whose status update you want to mute.
  4. Now tap on the mute button.
  5. Thats it. The user will be muted and his/her status update will not appear in your status list anymore.

How to unmute WhatsApp contacts on your status

Unmuting means you now want to release the muted contact so his/her status can be seen in your WhatsApp status list. To do so,

  1. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  2. Go to the Status section.
  3. Tap on Muted Updates option found at the bottom of your status list
  4. Tap on the contact you want to unmute.
  5. Tap on Unmute option

Can I view a contact status after muting?

Muting someone’s status removes them from your status feed. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have the opportunity to sneak around every once in a while. To view the status updates that you’ve muted, all you need to do is go to the ‘Status’ tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and tap on ‘Muted updates.

When you mute someone on WhatsApp can they see your status?

Muting someone on WhatsApp is the nicest way to take a break from them. When you mute someone on WhatsApp, they will still be able to send you messages, see your status/last seen, and your profile picture.

Can I know if someone muted me on WhatsApp?

It is not possible to know if someone has muted you on Whatsapp. WhatsApp doesn’t notify you that someone has muted you, nor do you see anything wrong, like a difference in the message markers when you text them.

Final words

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Muting and unmuting a contact on your WhatsApp status is a personal decision to make. You may not want to see a contacts status updates on your list anymore for a personal reasons but would also not want to delete the contact from your phone then the best thing to do is to mute. After sometimes, you now want to remove the contact from mute. Then you have to unmute. If so, following the steps above can be of help.

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