How to transfer MTN credit to other networks in Ghana

Transferring MTN credit to other networks in Ghana is a simple process that allows you to share or send mobile money or airtime to friends and family across different networks. With the introduction of mobile money, Ghana has become one of the leading countries in Africa when it comes to financial inclusion and mobile money services. To make life easier, MTN has enabled customers to transfer airtime from their MTN account to other networks.

This service was hardly available in the olden times but with the introduction of interoperability,  sending airtime to another network fro. MTN has been made quite easier and possible.

About MTN Ghana

MTN is a telecommunications company that operates in many countries around the world, including Ghana. In Ghana, MTN Ghana provides mobile phone services and also has a mobile money service called MTN Mobile Money. You can use MTN Mobile Money to send money to other people, pay for goods and services, and also buy credit for other networks.


How to send money from MTN to another network in Ghana

Sending airtime from MTN to another network is possible but the means might be quite slim. In this article, we will be talking about the ME2U method and MTN Mobile money method.

Sending airtime from Mtn to another network using ME2U

This service was earlier accessible for only MTN to MTN but now, sending airtime from your balance to another network is possible, To do so,

  1. Dial *198# on your phone
  2. Select the option 2 – Transfer
  3. Enter the recipient’s MTN phone number
  4. Enter the amount you want to transfer
  5. Enter your MTN Me2U PIN Code
  6. Press 1 to confirm

Sending airtime from MTN to another network using MTN mobile money

You can also use MTN mobile money to send airtime to another network. With this, you will have to purchase the airtime using your mobile money balance which means the airtime will not be deducted from your airtime balance like that of ME2U. There are several ways you can use MTN mobile money to purchase airtime to another network.

Method 1

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Select #3 Airtime and bundles
  3. Choose #1 Airtime
  4. Choose #4 Other networks
  5. Enter recipient phone number
  6. Confirm recipient number
  7. Enter amount you wish to send
  8. Enter 1 to confirm your transaction
  9. Proceed to enter your MoMo PIN and confirm transaction.
  10. You will receive a message indicating you have successfully purchased airtime from your momo account.

Method 2

  1. Dial *234#
  2. Select #1 (Buy Airtime).
  3. Choose the network you are sending the credit to.
  4. Type the recipient mobile number.
  5. Type in amount.
  6. Choose option #1 (Proceed).
  7. Select your mobile money network.
  8. Wait for authorization payment popup.
  9. Insert your momo pin.
  10. Select option #1 (Yes)
  11. A message indicating you have successfully purchased airtime from your momo account will be sent to you.

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Method 3

  1. Dial *718#
  2. Select #3 (Buy Airtime/Bundle).
  3. Select #1 (Airtime)
  4. Next Choose #2. (Others).
  5. Select recipient mobile network.
  6. Input recipient number.
  7. Enter an amount.
  8. Select #1 to confirm.
  9. In the next pop up, type in your momo pin.
  10. Confirm momo pin and choose yes.
  11. You will receive a message indicating you have successfully purchased airtime from your momo account.

What is the minimum and maximum airtime amount to share

With Me2U service, you can transfer a minimum of GHS 1 and a maximum of GHc 50. With the mobile money service, you can purchase any amount you wish to.

How many times can airtime transfer from MTN to another network be done

With Me2U airtime transfer from your MTN to another network can be done twice in a day. For Mobile money airtime purchase, transaction can be done as much as you have enough money in your mobile money wallet.

Final words

Transferring airtime from your MTN to another network has been made easier and simple. Its sometimes stressing when you have a different network but can’t transfer credit on it because you are using MTN and don’t also have physical money to go purchase so. With it being possible to transfer airtime from MTN to any network in Ghana, it is now a good news. Follow any of the steps above and get yourself sorted.

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