How to Start a Fast Food Restaurant Business in Ghana

Fast food restaurants are numerous in the country. Marwako, Papaye, and the Chicken Republic are the three most popular ones you’ve probably heard of.

If you are thinking about starting a fast food restaurant, it is a good idea, people never stop eating, and it is a profitable business. It will be stressful at first, but if you start the business at the right place, get enough employees, you will be good to go.

Moreover, fast food restaurants have limited menus, and food is prepared quickly.


Starting a fast food restaurant is similar to starting any other business. You will need to take your finance, location, business plans, and marketing and advertising into consideration because these factors are what make a thriving business.

We will give you a comprehensive outline of starting your business, but the easy part is on you. It will be like filling up a questioneer. All you need is to read through, answer a few questions and take notes.

Want to add your name to the next big fast-food restaurant in the country? Here’s what you need to do;

Write a Business Plan

Writing a business plan is the most important part of the steps.

How much will be your start-up capital? What about the menu and pricing? You will need details of the financial description. Thus, what will be your expenses in the long term? The number of people you will be hiring, what risks you will be facing in the future, and how to fight those challenges should be in your business plan. Your business name, logo, and brand

You can make it into a long list. Think it over for quite some time. Deciding on most of these factors can be difficult. That is why in the next few paragraphs, you will read more into these factors and how you can strategize your business. Take a pen and book and get to work.

What meals will be on your menu?

It is safe to assume that the person who wants to start this business knows how to cook very well. You must fill your menu with foods you know how to cook best.

Fast food restaurants usually serve fried and roasted foods. As stated above, their menus are quite limited. There are foods like Different rice dishes (jollof rice, fried rice, assorted fried rice, e.t.c), sharwama, french fries, hamburgers, pizzas, noodles, and more.

Soft drinks and snacks usually accompany these. You can choose to add pastries if you want. It all depends on your budget and how hard you can work.

You can have a menu like any other fast-food restaurant or add a little twist to yours as long as it remains a “fast food.” Do enough inquiries to know how much other restaurants price their foods and make your estimates.

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Funding is also another important factor to consider. If you do not have money, you can’t work. What do you have to look out for when summing your finances? The types of equipment and utensils you are going to work with, the number of employees you will have, inventory/ foodstuffs, tax, utilities, rent, and others.

You will need to allocate funds for each of these. The amount can reduce if you are doing this business all by yourself, a small-scale business, but if you plan to open a big enough place, prepare your pockets.

Under the menu in your business plan book, list these things, do inquiries, and allocate funds to each of them. The next thing is to decide where to get the funds. Perhaps you always have enough money, but if you don’t, you can always take a loan from your bank or someone you know.


Finding the right place to locate your business is also very important. For fast-food restaurants, location plays a major part in how your business grows. Is it by the street or a place where people can easily see you? Is the environment clean? What about the architecture?

Many of those thriving fast-food restaurants are located at places where people can easily see them, by the street, located around a popular landmark.

Your exterior design must have a welcoming look, and the interior must be calm and ambient. If you are unable to get a place that is by the street, make sure your meals are so good that people will look for you until they find you.

Some of the best restaurants in Ghana are found in areas like Spintex, Osu, East Legon, Tema. Let your restaurant make your area popular as well.


Because you are just starting the business, it is important to employ people who have some experience. This is not the time for you to employ people to train. You can do that later when the business is strongly on its feet, but for now, employ people who know how to cook and have experience. Do not employ many people all at once. Start small.

Register your business

Visit the register generals department to register your business after making your final decisions.

With your tax identification number intact, you can start the business. This will not be a long process for a small restaurant, and you can start in no time. It is important to register your business and have your papers intact in case of any mishap.

Marketing and Advertising

Advertising your business in recent times is very easy. Pay a little money and watch people flood your restaurants. Social media is available for advertisement.

Create a page on Instagram and Facebook, pay for advertisement, your brand and business description will be displayed on your potential customer’s news feeds. 

You can pay for directories and PPC advertisements or go local, pay for it to be Advertised on billboards. Make fliers and share with people you know and those you don’t know.


We are sure you have made a whole list. You are halfway through. With GHS 40,000 or more, you can open up a beautiful restaurant. Take on dine-in, take-out, and delivery. Or start with only the first two.

The fast-food business is a thriving business. With diligence, patience, and hard work, you can make it to the top.

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