How to report a scam on Telegram

Telegram is a popular messaging app that allows fast and secure communication. Unfortunately, scammers often take advantage of Telegram’s anonymity to run scams and steal money. If you encounter a scam on Telegram, it’s important to report it to stop the scammers and protect other users. This guide explains how to spot Telegram scams and properly report them.

Recognizing Telegram Scams

Telegram scams often involve bogus investment opportunities, fake accounts impersonating celebrities or companies, or requests for you to send money. Watch for poor spelling and grammar, promises of guaranteed returns, and demands to act quickly. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Search online to verify celebrity accounts and double check any investment offers.

Scammers frequently use fake accounts with profile pictures stolen from the web. Look for recently created accounts with generic names and no post history. Use reverse image search to check if profile pictures are stolen. Legitimate businesses will have officially verified checkmark accounts on Telegram.


Reporting Scams to Telegram

If you uncover a scam on Telegram, report it in-app immediately. This alerts Telegram to block the scammer and helps warn other users about the threat.

To report a scam, open the suspicious chat and tap the Report button. Select the “Report Spam/Scam” option then send the report. You can also report Telegram scams by contacting @spambot in a direct message. Provide details like the scammer’s username, profile link, and screenshots of the scam message.

Filing a Report with Authorities

For severe scams, you may want to file a report with law enforcement agencies like the FTC. Keep records of all details about the scam like screenshots, transaction records, and account usernames. File a complaint with the FTC at You can also contact your local police department to file a scam report in your jurisdiction.

When submitting reports, include as much evidence as possible. Provide the time, date, and details of all communications with the scammer. Thorough documentation helps authorities identify and prosecute scammers.


Stopping Telegram scams protects innocent users from losing money to criminals. If you spot a scam, report it right away by tapping the in-app Report button. You can also notify Telegram by messaging @spambot with details. For major scams, file a complaint with the FTC or your local police to help bring the criminals to justice. Stay vigilant and report scams to keep yourself and others safe.

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