How to redeem Vodafone Cash voucher

Vodafone Cash is a fast, simple and secure service that allows you to use your mobile phone to transfer money and make payments. The service can be used to send and receive money, top up airtime and data for self and other Vodafone numbers, pay bills (Vodafone Bills) as well as buy goods and services.

Redeeming a Vodafone Cash voucher is a great way to get extra value out of your Vodafone service. Vodafone Cash vouchers are easy to redeem and can offer a variety of benefits. In this article, we will show you how to redeem your Vodafone Cash voucher in a few simple steps.

About Vodafone cash voucher

Vodafone Cash voucher is a unique code you receive when you send money to unregistered Vodafone Cash user and registered mobile money users on other network. The recipient will receive a voucher code if not registered on Vodafone cash by SMS that will be needed in withdrawing the money.


How to withdraw Vodafone Cash voucher

  1. Receive your Vodafone cash voucher code via SMS from a Vodafone cash user.
  2. Find a merchant who accepts Vodafone Cash vouchers.
  3. Once you have found a merchant who accepts Vodafone Cash vouchers, simply present the voucher to the merchant and have them scan your QR code or enter the voucher details.
  4. The merchant will then be able to deduct the appropriate payment amount from your Vodafone Cash balance.
  5. Once the merchant has processed your payment, you’ll be given your money in physical cash.

How long can I keep my voucher code without withdrawing?

The voucher code can be kept for 30 days and thereafter be returned to the sender if not redeemed.

Will I be charged for withdrawing money via voucher?

No. unregistered Vodafone Cash subscribers will not be required to pay withdrawal fees.

Is the money in my Vodafone Cash account safe?

Yes, your money is safe as long as you keep your Vodafone Cash PIN a secret. If you believe your PIN has been compromised, you can change the PIN on the USSD menu for free. Do not give out your PIN or store it on your phone.

Do I need to have a bank account to use Vodafone Cash?

No. Vodafone Cash is available for everyone with a mobile phone. All you need is a Vodafone Cash account which you will get once you register for the service.

How to register for Vodafone Cash

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Option 1: 

You need to visit any Vodafone Retail Shop or agent point of sale with Your Ghana card. You will also need to provide the following details;

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Vodafone Mobile Number
  • Ghana Card
  • Next of Kin

Option 2: 

Dial *558# and follow the prompts to register Vodafone Cash yourself.

Option 3: 

Text ‘REGISTER’ to shortcode 558. An agent from Vodafone will call you to assist you register.

Final words

That’s all there is to it. Redeeming your Vodafone Cash voucher is quick, easy and secure. You don’t need to stress when you need money urgently but not on Vodafone cash. Receive money in Voucher form and withdraw from any vendor who accepts Vodafone Cash vouchers.

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