How to Obtain a UK Phone Number in Ghana for Free

Want to establish a business presence in the United Kingdom or make it easier for UK customers to contact you? Getting a virtual UK phone number while located in Ghana can help. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a UK phone number and how to get one for free.

What is a UK Phone Number?

A UK phone number is a phone number assigned to the United Kingdom telephone numbering plan. It allows someone to receive calls and texts from within the UK. The number would have the country code +44 and begin with a 0.

Why Would You Want a UK Number in Ghana?


There are several reasons to get a virtual UK number while located in Ghana:

  • Make and receive calls from the UK at local rates – avoid costly international charges.
  • Give customers an easy way to reach you from the UK.
  • Create a more professional image and establish a UK presence for your business.
  • Access UK-specific features like local directories.

Are Free UK Numbers Available?

Yes, many providers offer free UK virtual phone numbers with basic features. However, more advanced features usually require a paid subscription.

How to Get a Free UK Phone Number in Ghana

Step 1: Choose a Virtual Number Provider

Research providers like CallHippo, Skype, or TextNow that offer free UK phone numbers. Compare features, reliability, and ease of setup.

Step 2: Create an Account and Sign Up

Once you’ve selected a provider, create a user account and sign up for one of their free plans. You’ll need to provide some basic personal details.

Step 3: Choose a UK Phone Number

Browse available UK phone numbers and select one that’s easy to remember and appropriate for your business. Many providers allow you to search and choose a specific number.

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Step 4: Configure Your Number

Follow your provider’s instructions to configure your virtual UK number. Most will allow you to forward calls and texts to your Ghana phone number or email.

Step 5: Start Using Your Number!

Your free UK phone number is ready to start receiving calls and texts from the UK! Give the number to friends, family, and business contacts in the UK.

Benefits of Having a UK Number in Ghana

  • Appear Local to UK Customers – Having a UK number can make your business seem more legitimate and professional to potential UK clients.
  • Access UK-Only Services – Some websites or services only accept UK numbers. A virtual number allows you to access these.
  • Separate Business and Personal Lines – Use your UK number for just business purposes without mingling work and personal calls.

Disadvantages of Free UK Phone Numbers

  • Limited Features – Free plans typically offer just basic call and text. Advanced features cost extra.
  • No Emergency Service Access – Most free numbers cannot be used to make emergency calls.
  • Not Accepted Everywhere – Some banks and government agencies may not recognize virtual phone numbers.


Getting a free UK phone number while located in Ghana has many benefits for both personal and business purposes thanks to virtual number providers. It’s an easy way to establish a UK presence and open up more affordable communication channels. Just be sure to understand any limitations with free phone numbers. With a few quick setup steps, you can start leveraging the advantages of having a UK number, even from Ghana!

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