How to Make Profit from Popcorn Business in Ghana

You are here because you have probably thought about doing a small popcorn business, and you’re wondering if you can make enough profit from it. Yes, you can.

In fact, at the end of the month, you can make millions. Small businesses are easy to manage, and you can always build upon them whenever you like.

We are sure what you have in mind is a small popcorn business by the street in your area. That works, too, but you will need to add a little twist.


Become a supplier, make popcorn in bulk, distribute it to shops around your vicinity, and distribute it to schools and companies.

Build a brand and be called to make popcorn on occasions and ceremonies, and watch how the profit comes in.

How to Start the Business

Like every other business, you will need a name, a brand, something people know you by. It is essential. When you settle on an appropriate name, you will need capital.

Starting such a business doesn’t need much capital in the beginning. You will need to budget on inventory, the popcorn machine and the sealing machine.

Popcorn machine machines cost between GHS 500 and GHS 1,000. You then need to buy a small sealing machine, bags of kennels, other kinds of stuff like Branding nylon, sugar, butter, salt, and milk powder.

If you don’t know how to make popcorn, learn. It is very easy, but we assume you are here because you already know how to make it.

Sum the amount you will need for all these. If you want to add soft drinks, add that to your budget as well. The total amount you get is what you need for your capital.

Make your snack delicious, add a twist to make your brand unique. You can top your popcorn with milk powder or add food colouring to make it colourful and attractive.


Now that you have your popcorn, your brand, and everything else ready, you need to advertise your business. You can always use the traditional method, tell a friend to tell a friend, you can make fliers and distribute them stating that you take orders for occasions and all of that.

Make the fliers catchy, distribute some by hand and post some at vantage points. Don’t think about billboards. You haven’t reached that level yet.

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Social media can also help you market your business. You can create ads on social media platforms, pay a little for it to reach your potential customers, and watch the orders come in. 

And just like that, you just established a small business from the comfort of your home, you will make money and gain recognition, and in no time, you can rebrand.

With GHS2,000 or even less, you can start this business. And through the right channels, your business can reach many people. Or hey, you can always set it up in front of your house or by the street, you will still make profits. Good luck!

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