How to make her wet

For most women, sleeping with someone is much more than the physical intercourse itself, and sex has a much deeper meaning than you might imagine. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if a girl likes you for real, she probably won’t sleep with you on the first date because she needs to feel something more than mere physical attraction towards you to let you get into her pants.

You need to make this girl feel special around you, and she needs to consciously decide that you’re the man she should want to sleep with. The key to making her wet is understanding her body, her desires, and her specific needs. Whether it’s the first time you are exploring each other’s sexuality or if you’ve been together for years, there are plenty of ways to turn her on and make her wet.

The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to make her wet is to take it slow and not rush. This way, she will be able to enjoy the sensations and experiences, and be more likely to get aroused.


Making a woman wet is an art form and takes a bit of practice, In this article, we will give tips to follow in order to be well on your way to making her wetter than an otter’s pocket.

How to make her wet

1. Foreplay

Foreplay is an essential part of any sexual experience. Take your time to explore her body and build up her arousal level with gentle touches, kisses, and caresses. You can also use your mouth, tongue and even fingers to bring her to a heightened state of arousal.

2. Talk dirty

Talking dirty during sex is a great way to get her in the mood. Describe what you’re going to do to her or how you want her to feel. Be sure to use your imagination and get creative with your dirty talk.

3. Use toys

Using sex toys can help get her wet. Vibrators and dildos can provide extra stimulation and help make her wetter. Just remember to use lube to make the experience more pleasurable for her.

4. Increase her sensitivity

There are several ways to increase her sensitivity during sex, such as using massage oils, lube, and even ice cubes. These can help to increase her pleasure and make her wetter.

5. Stimulate her G-Spot

The G-spot is a sensitive area located on the front wall of the vagina. Stimulating it can lead to intense pleasure and even more wetness. Try using your fingers or a toy to stimulate it.

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6. Pay attention to her cues

Pay attention to her body language and how she responds to your touch. If she’s enjoying it, keep going and make it as pleasurable as possible.

7. Lube her

Not most preferred but one that definitely guarantees moisture, using a lubricant is also a way to make your way down a woman’s slippery slope. It not only helps the woman feel relaxed, not fearing for any friction, and will make your grand entry as smooth as possible.

8. Use your tongue on the lips in between her legs

Except we’re talking about the less conventional pair of lips, one that women carry between their thighs. Ram your head in between her legs, flood her with kisses and let your tongue do the talking. Trust me, she will rain in no time.

Final words

Making her wet is a great way to increase pleasure and intimacy between you and your partner. With the right techniques and a little patience, you can make her experience something truly unforgettable. Whether you use physical stimulation, mental stimulation, or both, the key to success is to take the time to build up the anticipation and make sure that you show your partner just how much you care. With the right moves and the right attitude, you can make her wet in no time.

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