How to know if someone is Using GBWhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is the modified version of WhatsApp created by third-party developers. Since WhatsApp is the world’s most widely used messaging application, many people would have loved it if the application had more features, GB WhatsApp delivered.

You can know if your friend or family member is using this modified version of WhatsApp because there are many new and different things about the application.

Below are some of the different features GB WhatsApp has;

They can see your deleted status and message.


If you are using the regular WhatsApp and chatting with someone using the modified version, don’t even try to delete any messages or statuses from them because they will still see it.

There is a feature called anti-revoke. They use this to see messages that have already been deleted. So if your friend replies to a message or status that you think you have deleted, take the hint that they may not be using the regular WhatsApp.

They can completely hide their last seen

The ‘hide last seen’ feature is also available on the original WhatsApp, but people who use the modified version can hide their last seen and the ‘online’ tag. This means they can be online, but you will not know. If you realize this in between chats, you should know that they use the GB WhatsApp.

They know when you just came online, viewed their status, or changed your profile picture.

WhatsApp was created to provide a safe space for people to instantly send messages and communicate without being in each other’s business, but GB WhatsApp is against this policy.

People who use this application are all in your business. If you receive a message from a friend immediately after you come online or change your profile picture, take the hint that they are using the GB WhatsApp, and they even know it when you visit their profile.

They can easily download or copy your status.

There are applications you can download to help you save someone’s status. People who use GB WhatsApp do not need this because they can easily save your status directly.

No more ‘can you please send this to me. They will download it without your permission, and these people are all up in your business. This feature is not available on the original WhatsApp.

They can change the app font.

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Has your friend sent you a screenshot of a chat, and you realize that the font is different? They are using GB WhatsApp, and the application allows users to change the font and set custom wallpaper for every chat.

They love being overly dramatic with their wallpapers as well. The feature that allows you to customize the wallpaper for every chat is also available on the original WhatsApp, but you cannot change the font size.

They can see your ‘About’ at the top of your chat.

Again, if you see a screenshot of a chat and see the person’s ‘about’ line at the top of the chat, know that the person who took the screenshot is using GB WhatsApp because this feature is not available on the original WhatsApp.

You will also notice that the application logo is different from the original WhatsApp. When you use the GB WhatsApp, you risk being banned from using the original WhatsApp again.

It is unclear if your privacy is guaranteed when you use the modified WhatsApp, but you can always try it out and see if you love the new and improved features.

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