How to join Right to Dream Academy in Ghana

The Right to Dream Academy is an initiative of the Right to Dream charity, which was founded in 1999. The academy works to develop football players who have the potential to reach higher levels of the game and become professional footballers. The academy is now operating in three countries namely Ghana, Egypt and Denmark.

The main objective of the academy is to provide a platform for talented young footballers to develop their skills and reach their full potential. The academy offers a comprehensive range of education and training programmes, including footballing and leadership courses, as well as access to top-level coaches and facilities.

Since the foundation of the academy was laid in 1999, 144 students have graduated from Right to Dream. 61 of the graduates play, or have played professional football, and 43 have represented their country’s national team (14 at senior level, 29 at youth level).

About Right to Dream


The academy founded by former Manchester United scout Tom Vernon, started in 1999 training a small number of boys in Accra and grew into a residential school and training center.

it operated without the assistance of a professional team, beginning training a small number of boys who were initially housed at Vernon’s home. Some of the scouts and other staff members were unpaid volunteers.

In 2004, the group began offering athletic scholarships in collaboration with US boarding high schools.

In 2010, the group constructed a new site in Ghana’s Eastern Region, south of Akosombo. It will be an all-scholarship residential school for promising players from all around West Africa starting in 2021.

In their 2013 ranking of youth academies, Bleacher Report placed it 15th. In 2013, the first girls’ youth system in Africa was established.

Right to Dream Academy opened the first Right to Dream school in Takoradi in 2014. FC Nordsjaelland was purchased by Right to Dream in 2015.

In 2015, they started having several partners which includes Tullow Oil Ghana, Mantrac Ghana, Ashoka, and the Laureus Sport For Good Foundation.

How to join Right to Dream Academy in Ghana

To join Right to Dream Academy, you don’t need to buy any forms anywhere. You are free to take part in their trials at any time there is recruitment ongoing. All that parents and guardians have to do is to send their wards with enormous qualities as young footballers to the Academy.

Age requirements

Footballers admitted for Right to Dream Academy open trials or recruitment should be between 9 to 18 years for both boys and girls.

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Where is Right to Dream Academy?

The famous Right to Dream Academy is located in Ghana at Old Akrade, Eastern Region with its facilities regarded as the best in sub-Saharan Africa.

Right to Dream Academy phone number

You can contact Right to Dream Academy through Prince Boafo (Recruitment Head) on +233202220286 / +233244046721.

Do academy players get paid?

Youngsters can join academies from the age of 7, but do not get paid until they sign a scholarship agreement with the club, which can be offered to them once they turn 15.


The Right to Dream Academy is a fantastic opportunity for young footballers to pursue their dreams and develop their skills. If you are looking to join the academy, make sure you take the necessary steps to apply and get accepted.

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