How to Get Pink Lips

Millions of people have naturally pink lips. Others struggle to get it because it is attractive, and it is known that people with that lip color have softer lips.

Getting bright pink lips is easy, especially if you don’t smoke or drink too much alcohol.

Yes, believe it or not, smoking and drinking can drain all the color on your lips and in your whole body.


So if you are an alcoholic or a chronic smoker who refused to change the habit, this article is definitely not for you. But hey, no harm in trying.

There are numerous shops on Instagram selling pink lips ointments, oils, and scrubs, but why spend money on all that when you can simply follow home remedies to change the dull color of your lips?

Take the guide below to get natural soft and bright pink lips. Easy and free of charge. Remember, though, that consistency is key.


The first thing you need to be doing to change the dull color of your lips is to brush them or use a scrub.

Exfoliating or removing dead skin on your lips is key to getting soft and pink lips.

You can do this by not forgetting your lips when brushing your teeth. You don’t have to aggressively scrape off all the skin on your lips, just light strokes to remove dead skin.

Apart from this, you can either buy a scrub or make some at home. You need sugar and some water; mix them together to form a thick paste and apply it to your lips.

Wait for about thirty minutes and wash it off. Say hello to your new soft and smooth lips.

 Use a Lip Balm

The next thing you need to do is invest in a lip balm unless you want to play Einstein and make one yourself.

Lip balms for lip therapy are inexpensive and help keep dry lips away while helping your lips get pink.

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You can apply your lip balm any time of the day. Still, experts recommend using it after scrubbing your lips in the evening before you sleep, allowing it to stay and work wonders.

After scrubbing, generously use lips balm for lip therapy and go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning, go out into the sun with a small mirror, look at your lips, pass a finger around them, and feel that? Thank us later.

Brush your lips again in the morning and use the balm again if you want, but you can do without it until evening. Consistency is key.

You need to keep doing this to achieve the hue you want. Avoid licking your lips. It only makes it dry. Even though, at some point, licking it makes it pink, once you stop, it will lose color again.


You should also eat healthily and drink lots of fluids. Everyone knows that eating fruits makes your skin look brighter and more beautiful, and it does the same for your lips.

Eat fruits. Drinking lots of water helps you to stay hydrated. Hydration means healthy skin and body tissues, which you are trying to achieve.

So drink lots of water, it’s good for your lips, and stay away from too much UVA and UVB light, we mean sunlight.

It discolors stuff, including your lips. If you are going to spend a long time in the sun, balm your lips. If you are going to kiss your boyfriend, balm it. Keep balming every day of your life. Even when you die, you balm, don’t forget.

These are all you need to do to get pink lips on budget. But you can try a lip tattoo as well. It’s like micro-blading your eyebrows. Expensive and somewhat permanent, and the choice is yours.

You can get attractive pink lips today. Literally today, all you need to do is follow the three simple but exaggerated steps above.

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