How to Get a Lawyer in Kumasi

The Asetena team will introduce you to portals where you will find directories of lawyers and law firms. Through these directories, you will find names, addresses, and contact information of lawyers in Kumasi and other parts of the country.

Finding a company or business has been made easier with technology. Would you please make use of it as well?

Unless you prefer the traditional method where you will need to call a friend, to call another friend to introduce you to a good lawyer, then the directories are your best option.


All you need is to read about the firm, pick up their number, make a call to discuss your options. Here are a few portals you can visit;

Ghanayello is one of the biggest directory websites in Ghana. There are over 3 million companies, photos, and products on their webpage, customized to meet your interest. You can add your business or search for one.

You can find a lawyer anywhere in the country, including Kumasi. There are many law firms listed, together with their contact information and descriptions.

All you need to do is visit their website, search for the best lawyers in the country and filter by city, or be specific and search for the best lawyers in Kumasi. 

You can also find jobs, soccer predictions, lotto predictions, and more on their page.

Ghana Bar Association Portal

You can locate qualified lawyers using the Ghana Bar Association’s portal. The association provides the search tool for free. The website is easy to use.

You can search a lawyer or a law firm you know by name, search by gender, years of call, chambers, and region. They provide a list of lawyers under the Ghana Bar Association in all sixteen regions of Ghana.

Their website is visit to find a lawyer for your legal issues.

Ghana Business Web

Just like Ghanayello, Ghana Business Web also provides a long list of lawyers in Ghana. The portal also has other business directories, jobs, and a marketplace to find anything you are looking for. You can add your business and sell products as well.

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The layout of the website is simple and easy to use. They have been helping many Ghanaians find businesses and products since 2012. Visit their website to find lawyers in Kumasi or anywhere in Ghana.


lawyertys is another portal that provides you with a complete list of lawyers in Ghana. Do you want a divorce? Do you want a lawyer for your wills and inheritance? The portal has a list of professional and competent lawyers to help you take care of your legal issues.

On the site, you can search by city, country, city, or even province. There are many lawyers in Kumasi whose firms are on the list together with their contact information. Visit their website to find lawyers in Kumasi or anywhere in Ghana.

Kaniya Legal Directory

kaniya is also one of the best online legal directories in Ghana. They provide a long list of qualified lawyers registered under their portal. They say their vision is “to help lawyers and law firms in Ghana grow while remaining complaint with the general legal counsel.”

The website has a professional layout and provides spaces for you to search for a lawyer or law firm by name, practice area, or region.

They have featured lawyers with contact information and description. You can easily send a message to a lawyer and even pay them after working for you through the portal. Their website is

Path Legal Ghana

This portal has a directory of lawyers and law firms everywhere in the country. Enough for you to choose from. If you are a lawyer, you can register your business on their website, and there is a slot for students as well, where they can find legal jobs, internship programs, case studies, competitive exams, and more.

There are also many articles about law and legal issues on the site to read and get some knowledge. PathLegal says their website is a place where both clients and lawyers from Ghana and worldwide can connect better.

Their website is


 Finding a lawyer has been made easy. All you need is to prepare your pockets and make the call. These are professional lawyers that will not disappoint you in the long run.

Whether you are in Kumasi or Wa, you can now find lawyers close to you who know legal issues and help deal with your case with professionalism and dedication. 

You can open all of the above websites, find the one that best suits your needs, and perhaps recommend someone you know.

If you know of any directory that hasn’t been listed here, leave a name in the comments.

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