How To Get A Ghanaian Citizenship By Marriage

Many people think that once you get married, and your spouse’s surname is added to yours, and you’ve stayed in Ghana a few years, you have become a citizen of Ghana.

That is not true. There are still procedures you have to pass through to become a citizen by marriage. For people born in Ghana, a child below age seven who was found without parents in the country or adopted, they are natural citizens.

But if you are married, you will still need to register as a citizen, according to the constitution of Ghana. Here’s how

What You Need to Do


You will need to purchase an application form 3 at GHS 3,000.

Add a copy of your passport

Add your current residence permit page

Present a consent letter from your spouse.

Present a naturalization certificate ( if your spouse is a naturalization Ghanaian)

Other Requirements

It would help if you satisfied the Minister of Interior that 

I. You are of good character 

II. You are ordinarily resident in Ghana 

III. You have been a resident for five years or a shorter period. The minister may, in special circumstances of any particular case, accept immediately before the application.

You must be able to speak and understand an indigenous language in Ghana

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Address the application letter and other information to the Ministry of Interior ( P.O Box M42, Accra) with four passport size pictures.

Where to Purchase Application Form

To buy the application form 3, visit the ministry of interior and heard from the migration office. Officials will serve you. It is not a tiring process. It is swift and easy. For more information, call the front desk of the Ministry of Interior on 030 268 4421.

You still need to apply to get citizenship even if you are married. Please don’t sit on it. Take action to become a citizen so that in case of any mishap or sudden unfortunate occurrence, you will be in safe hands with nothing to worry about.

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