How to find out if someone is married in Ghana

Marriage is the union between two people who wish to spend their lives together. This union is treasured by Ghanaians, especially in times past.

In recent times, marriage does not get as much respect and acknowledgment because the couples involved in this alliance are sometimes unfaithful and refuse to get married the right way, which begs the question, how do you know if someone is married in Ghana?

The original symbol for marriage in Ghana and almost everywhere worldwide is a ring. Muslim people do not wear rings, though, but there are other ways to identify a married Muslim. In Ghana, when you see someone wearing a ring, it indicates that they are taken.


Some individuals, especially men, do not like to wear their rings outside their homes for reasons known only to them, but there are other ways to identify them, which takes us to our next point.

The way a married person talks and dresses is different from a single person’s habits. A married person usually does the ‘we talk.’ They include their family in their sentence, for instance, ‘my wife and I,’ ‘my family,’ ‘my wife and kids,’ ‘we are,’ indicating general positivity in romantic relationships. It is evident that someone is married when they talk about their families.

It also usually shows that the individual is happy in their marriage. They are also sometimes reserved, and they do not reveal too much and like to participate in conversations about family, children, and love.

Married people, especially women, are dressed modestly and decently. This they do because of proper upbringing, moral judgment, and general decency. This does not mean single people are not modest in their way of dressing; it is only that married people usually take this to another level, so much that it is evident. Even Ghanaian culture forbids women to dress in specific ways when married because they believe that it can purpose infidelity.

Men do not develop any unique way of dressing after marriage. Their dressing is only influenced by their wives because it is known that women have better judgment when it comes to choices of clothes, their color and style, and how the clothes match. It is easy to identify a couple in a crowd full of people, considering how they talk and dress. Believe it or not.

If you suspect that someone is married and is somehow trying to hide this fact, you can ask them to meet at their house. It is challenging to hide a wife and perhaps children. It is just as difficult to hide the evidence of this.

So it will be easy to find out if they are married by visiting them at home, and it is the easiest way to know after asking them beforehand. It is also part of the Ghanaian culture, as it is in many other cultures to move with your wife to your marital home.

Mutual friends play a significant role in getting to know someone. Perhaps you have met someone, and you learn to see if they are married or have ever been married. You will get to know them by speaking to their friends, who are also your friends.

They may not like to talk about it, especially if they all have the same intentions (to help their friend cheat on the spouse), but if you are persistent enough, you will find out the truth. Hence, another way to find out if someone is married in Ghana is to ask a mutual friend or someone who has known them.

People love to talk about these things.

Asking them intelligent questions about marriage and love can make them reveal the truth. It is human nature to talk a lot about something you have experienced or are experiencing. Someone who knows a lot about marriage is either married, has been married, or reads many books.

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Apart from wearing a fancy ring, there are many ways to identify a married person in Ghana. The above are a few of them. It is essential to know if someone is married to know how to relate to them.

Maybe you may feel attracted to someone genuinely, and you would love to go ahead and tell them and perhaps get into a relationship. Still, if you get to know they are married, it can force you to put a barrier between your feelings for them and your moral judgment.

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