How to do Special Placement to change your SHS School

If you are looking for a way to switch your SHS, then with special placement, you can make the move without having to worry about the usual application process. In this article, we will explore how you can use special placement to change your SHS school and what you need to know before you make the leap.

What is Computerised School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS)

Computerised School Selection and Placement System in Ghana is a comprehensive system designed to streamline the process of educational selection and placement in the country. It is designed to ensure that the most suitable BECE candidates are selected for the best SHS education opportunities available and that the process is conducted in an efficient and fair manner.

This system is the result of various educational reforms, policies and initiatives implemented by the government of Ghana to provide quality education for all its citizens. Through this system, the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service are able to properly manage the admission process of students and ensure that the most deserving candidates are given the best chance to pursue their educational dreams.


Who qualifies for Special Placement

Special Placement are mostly done by students who did not get into any SHS in he county by the CSSPS and thus, will be allowed to manually place themselves into any available SHS on the CSSPS portal.

Is it possible to use Special Placement to change schools?

To be able to use Special Placement to change your SHS, you must make sure you have not been automatically placed in any SHS by the CSSPS portal. If that us so, then you can visit the CSSPS portal and place yourself in any of the available school on their portal. However, if you have been automatically placed, then you will have to atleast spend an academic year with the school you have been placed in and then request for a transfer from your school administration.

How to do Special Placement to change your SHS School

  1. Visit or
  2. Select Check Placement Module and proceed.
  3. Provide your eVoucher Pin and Index
  4. You will be directed to the Self-
    Placement Module to select a school based on your aggregate
  5. From the list, select the SHS you prefer and also select if you want day or boarding.
  6. Confirm your selection and print it out.
  7. Thats it. You have successfully placed yourself in the Senior High School of your choice.

How to purchase CSSPS eVoucher

  1. Visit with your smartphone or PC
  2. Choose the card type you want to buy. eg: CSSPS Placement Checker
  3. Enter the number of cards you want to buy and the amount will be automatically calculated
  4. Click on “Buy Now”
  5. You will be taken to a new screen where you enter your name and phone number (Card details will be sent via SMS to the phone number you enter here)
  6. Click on “Proceed to Payment”
  7. On the next screen, choose Mobile Money and enter your MoMo number. You’ll be sent an OTP to confirm.
  8. Confirm the payment on your phone.
  9. You will instantly receive an SMS with the BECE Results Checker PIN and Serial and instructions to check.

Final words

It is important to stay positive. Special placement can be a stressful process, but if you stay focused, organized and motivated, you can achieve the results you’re after. With the right attitude and a bit of hard work, you can change your SHS school conclusion and set yourself up for a successful future.

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