How to check Turbonet balance

Mtn Turbonet router is an alternative for getting access to the internet at faster and at cheaper rates at your home. Unlike MTN’s already existing fiber broadband, this is a cheap source made available for all.

The MTN TurboNet has been known to be one of the best and most used Fibre Broadband device across Ghana having the best 4G internet connectivity.

No one can convince you to buy the MTN TurboNet or recommend that it’s right for you, but you should take a look at your home or office to check only if you’re not having any Fibre Broadband device.


If you currently have any MTN Fibre router at your home, then there’s no need to go for the MTN TurboNet. You only need the TurboNet Fibre Broadband if you’re in a space where there’s no Fibre coverage.

Benefits of MTN turbonet

  1. Free 5GB of data upon registration or activation.
  2. Extra 5GB bonus data on top of recharging for the next 5 months after activation.
  3. Unbeatable data plans are valid for 30 days with an option to rollover.
  4. Super-high-speed and reliable internet connection.
  5. External antenna to enhance internet connection.
  6. Self-service accessible from the router.
  7. Voice-enable feature for calls

Where to buy MTN turbonet

You can buy the MTN Turbonet from any MTN Service Centre at a one time cost of GHS 500. After buying the device, you are given a free MTN 4G sim card in addition which comes with 5GB of free data for 6 months.

How to purchase data bundle on MTN turbonet

  1. Dial *170# for MTN mobile money options
  2. Select option 3 – Airtime and Bundles.
  3. Select MTN Broadband
  4. Enter your MTN Turbonet number
  5. Select your preferred package
  6. Confirm the purchase

How to check MTN turbonet balance

  1. Dial *5057# on your linked MTN Turbonet Number
  2. Select option 3 to check the balance
  3. Choose your account from the list
  4. You will receive a message indicating your data bundle is available with your bonus and airtime.
  5. You will receive a text message confirming your purchase

NB: MTN Turbonet data does not expire, this means any data bundle that is not finished or exhausted within the time frame will roll over to the new data bundle you have just purchased.

Can I use turbonet SIM in mobile phones?

No! It’s not recommended to use the SIM
card that comes with the TurboNet router
inside a mobile phone as the SIM card is not made for mobile phones as well as making calls. That is why it is called Data SIM. If you insert the SIM in a mobile phone, you are likely to get the SIM blocked by MTN.

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How many devices can I connect to MTN turbonet?

The router has the capability of connecting to over 32 devices that works smoothly without any slow network nor poor connectivity. Be it at home, you can connect up to 32 devices of family members. At work, you have the chance of connecting up to 32 devices of staffs and enjoy faster network connection.

Final words

No matter which way you choose to check your MTN Turbonet balance, it is important that you keep track of it so that you are always aware of your account information. This will help you to ensure that you are always in control of your finances and that you are always up-to-date with your balance in order not to be left on the browsing road.

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