How to buy government bonds in Ghana

Buying government bonds in Ghana can be a great way to protect and grow your wealth. Government bonds are a safe investment option and provide a steady, long-term return on the money you invest. Government bonds in Ghana are issued by the Bank of Ghana, the country’s central bank. They are typically issued in terms of five, ten, fifteen, twenty and thirty year maturities and generally have a fixed interest rate.

Government bonds are a great way to diversify your portfolio, as they can provide a steady income stream and low-risk opportunities for investors. Investing in government bonds also gives you the added benefit of supporting the government of Ghana.

If you are new to investing in government bonds, here is an guide on how to buy government bonds in Ghana.

What is a Government bond


A government bond or sovereign bond is a debt obligation issued by a national government to support government spending. It generally includes a commitment to pay periodic interest, called coupon payments, and to repay the face value on the maturity date.

Types of bonds in Ghana

  • 91-day Treasury Bill
  • 182-day Treasury Bill
  • 1 and 2-Year Treasury Notes
  • 3 and 5-Year Bonds

How to buy government bonds in Ghana

1. Research the types of Government bonds available

The Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) offers several types of government bonds, including Treasury bills and notes, and other government-backed bonds. Before you start investing, it’s important to understand the different types of government bonds and the risks and returns associated with each.

2. Choose a brokerage firm

Once you’ve decided which type of government bonds you want to invest in, you’ll need to choose a brokerage firm to buy the bonds. Many brokerage firms in Ghana offer government bonds, so it’s important to compare the fees and services offered by each firm before making a decision.

3. Open an account

Once you’ve chosen a brokerage firm, you’ll need to open an account. To open an account, you’ll need to provide proof of identification and a minimum balance, which varies from brokerage firm to brokerage firm.

4. Place an order

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Once you’ve opened an account and funded it, you can place an order for the government bonds you want to buy. Your brokerage firm will help you place the order and will provide you with a confirmation once the order is completed.

5. Monitor your investment

Once you’ve bought the government bonds, you’ll need to monitor your investments. The terms of the bonds may change, so it’s important to stay up to date on any changes in the market and make sure you are receiving the returns you expect.

Can individuals buy government bonds in Ghana?

Buying and selling of treasury bills/notes is open to all Ghanaian citizens, institutions and foreign residents in Ghana and abroad.

What is the current bond rate in Ghana?

The International Monetary Fund provides monthly 10 years Government Bond Yield. In the latest reports, Ghana Short Term Interest Rate: Month Avg: Ghana: Treasury Bills Rate: 91 Days was reported at 31.53 % pa in Oct 2022. The cash rate (Policy Rate: Month End: Ghana) was set at 27.00 % pa in Dec 2022.

How do government bonds work in Ghana

Treasury Bonds are medium term debt instruments (securities) issued by the Government of Ghana and sold to individuals or companies to raise funds for a specified time at a fixed or variable interest rate. The bonds have maturity periods exceeding two years.

Final words

These guides should make it easier for you to buy government bonds in Ghana. Remember to do your research and make sure that you understand the risks associated with investing in government bonds before investing your money.

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