How To Buy Data Bundles On MTN Turbo Net

MTN Turbo Net as I have said earlier is so far the fastest wireless internet connection in Ghana. There are so many things you must know when using the device and bundling is one of them.

The router comes with an inbuilt sim but you are given a phone number which is the number of your device. You can’t make and receive calls with this number but you can do anything you want to do on the Turbo net account using this number.

During purchasing of the device, your already existing phone number which should be an MTN number is linked to your MTN Turbo Net device. Linking your number allows you to purchase data bundles onto your device using your Phone number.


You can link as many phone numbers as you want However, linking a number automatically gives that number the access to be able to top up and use your device.

If you want to top up or link a number to your MTN turbo net number, dial *5057#.

If you want to find out more about the device, call 100

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