How to Attract Investors for Your Business in Ghana

Attracting an investor for your business should not be a hefty task if you know what you are about, have passion for what you do, and plan on building upon it. Investors like an entrepreneur that is smart and has the right amount of business sophistication. We help you attract someone to invest in your business today.

An Investor? Why?

You might ask yourself, why do I need an investor for my business? Apart from the financial help that they will offer you, which is very important because of how many businesses fall apart due to underfunding, many of these investors are experts in their field. They will teach you many things that will help you long after they are gone.

It will surprise you how much you didn’t know about business and finance management. Apart from that, you will also get to expand your market. You will make new acquaintances, and people will get to know your business. The importance of getting an investor for your business, whether small or large scale, cannot be over-emphasized.


How You Can Get an Investor

Investors are people you can meet anywhere. They can be family, new acquaintances, mutual friends, mentors, etc. But how do you get these people to listen to know about your business and invest in it? What do you tell them to brighten and say, “how can I help?” or “tell me more.” Read on to find out;

Strong Business Plan

There is a saying that there’s no progress where there is no plan, and a robust business plan gets you places. When someone asks you about your business plan, you should be able to make it available either in a document or verbally.

This business plan should include information about funding, inventory, marketing and advertisement, goals and objectives, and business description. A detailed outline of what your business is about and where you hope to get. Tell them how you keep your competitors at bay, handle your money and more relevant information you might want to share.

Think like the Investor

Before meeting up with a potential investor, try to get into their minds and list down questions they are likely to ask you. Find suitable answers to these questions and prepare a killer pitch.

Investors love to ask about your business plan, which we stated above. They will also ask about products, transportation, advertisement, and more. Be sure to answer these questions intelligently, and smile but maintain a serious and intelligent poise. Be articulate when conveying your ideas and answering questions.

If you were the investor, what questions would you ask your entrepreneur? What will you look out for in him or here?

Visit Government Organizations that Support Small Businesses

Believe it or not, there are government organizations ready to help you grow your business and help it thrive. The national entrepreneurship and innovation plan is an initiative that supports start-ups and small businesses. The national board for small-scale industries and the association of Ghana industries are a few of them.

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You can quickly get investors through these organizations. The organizations are investors themselves, and all you need to do is go to them with your big bright ideas.

Brand your Business

People underestimate the power of branding. You create a positive perception for your business using branding tools like logo, design, theme, mission statement, and the likes, helping to attract investors even when you least expect it.

Someone can judge your business when they see how you brand it. It is the little things, and it can be how you design your logo or your theme that would attract an investor.

Be Bold and Ask

You don’t lose anything by gathering the courage and going in to ask someone to invest in your business. It all boils down to how good your pitch is, how determined you and what you have to give. Many people admire such confidence. But before you go on with this idea. Knowing more about this person and their business is of the essence.

This will help you to flow and talk with confidence and intellect. Let them know how much profit you estimate to make, the percentages you both get, and further plans you want to bring on board.

Investors will be all about your business. No matter how uncomfortable you feel that would be for you, it is essential to compromise because you know what you want. Having an investor for your business puts you on edge.

It pushes you to work harder, and you can learn many things if you pay much attention. Self-discipline and respect will go a long way to help you with this alliance. You can attract an investor the right way. Leave any questions you may have in the comment section.

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