How to Apply To a University in Ghana as a Foreign Student

Are you aiming to start your tertiary education in Ghana? Do you want the right information about admission requirements before applying?

You are on the right website. The Asetena team has put together relevant information that would give you choose the right school, go through the general admission requirements and provide tips and facts about hostel and housing facilities for foreign students in Ghanaian universities.

Getting into a university in Ghana in recent time is relatively easy, especially for students from other West African countries. While getting into these universities may be easy, the student has to meet certain general admission requirements.

Admission Requirements for Foreign Students in the Univesity of Ghana, Legon


To get into any university in Ghana as a foreign students, you will need to meet the admission requirements listed below;

  • You must have minimum passes in West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), International Baccalaureate (IB), IGCSE, GSCE, the American Grades 12 and 13 Examinations. The minimum for WASCCE is a credit score in three core subjects (English, Science and Mathematics) and three elective subjects that are required for the program you wish to apply for.
  • For students from Europe, Asia or anywhere else that is not Africa, they will need to pass their high school final exam in home country and attach their documents when applying to a university in Ghana.
  • If you are applying from a Non-English speaking country, you will need evidence of proficiency in English to gain admission. If you do not have this, you can take s 3 to 4 months programme in Ghana when you arrive.
  • You can be admitted to Levels 100 or 200 based on the nature of your qualification as compared to the Ghanaian standard. To get into Level 20, you should have already taken some approved courses in a recognized institution, and gotten a minimum pass
  • Acquiring a Ghanaian student visa is another important thing you need to do before you apply to study in the country, without it, you will not be able stay in the country. You can do this by visiting the Ghanaian embassy in your home country and request for a student visa. Go through the steps and get your hands on your visa.

The above are about all the requirements you need to meet before applying to a university in Ghana.

How to Apply to the University of Ghana as a Foreign Student

Every university has its way accepting international admissions but there are a few similarities to them. We will use University of Ghana’s application procedure to teach you how to apply.

But keep in mind that the process may differ from other schools. Take the guide below to apply to study undergraduate courses at the University of Ghana;

  1. International applicants are not to purchase the e-voucher that would contain a Pin and Serial Code to assist in the application process, they are to follow the link to get started
  2. All applicants are expected to pay the university a non-refundable application processing fee of $110 which can be paid online as part of the application process or wire transferred into the University of Ghana Ecobank account

Below are the account details:

Account Name: University of Ghana Foreign Students Account

Account Number: 0161014409780401

Bank Details: Ecobank Ghana Limited, Legon Branch

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  1. The pay-in-slip together with applicants certificate/result slip should be scanned and attached to the application form before submission online.
  2. The certificates/results slips should be scanned into one PDF or Word Document and attached to the application form.
  3. After submitting the application online, it will be reviewed and you will be updated on what to do next.

NB: You need to keep updated on the Universities portal to know when forms are released so that you can apply.

The process is similar for those applying for Postgraduate courses but they must scan and attach a few documents that show that they have indeed completed their undergraduate education. More information about that can be found on the school’s website at

Fee Structure for International Students

All the students that apply form any foreign country are billed in USD, even those who are not from the United States of America.

Even if you decide to arrive in Ghana before applying, you will still need to convert the currency from Dollars to the Cedi and pay its equivalent.

The average tuition fee for foreign students in Ghanaian universities are $5,450 in state-owned universities or what is usually called government universities and $3,215 in private universities. Depending on the program you choose to read, these fees can change.

The issue of Accommodation

Hostel accommodation is not an issue in any of the Ghanaian Universities. There are hostels for Ghanaian students and some for international students.

You can choose to stay in either. International hostels are pretty expensive even though it means you will be coexisting with people from your home country, or people who are also foreigners.

You do miss out on the diverse culture too, but also there are better living conditions.

You are advised to stay in an international hostel if you can afford it, but make some Ghanaian friends who can help you appreciate the culture and enjoy your stay whenever you are in Ghana for school.


Ghanaian Universities are as good as any in Africa, and even in the world as a whole. Here, facilitators are even more attentive and experienced.

Not only will you achieve academic excellence, you are exposed to different people from a new culture and are able to broaden your knowledge on many things.

Making the decision to study in Ghana is one you will not regret, so what are you waiting for?

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