How to Advertise your Business in Ghana

Have you set up a new business, or have an existing one and you are looking for new ways to advertise your goods and services to potential customers? Do you want to learn new ways to keep the customers you already have? Read on and pick up a thing or two to help build your business today.

Nowadays, it seems almost impossible to advertise without spending some money, and that is not wrong. The returns you will get after paying that little for advertisement should be at the back of your mind. It doesn’t hurt to pay a little for so much.

Social media marketing has helped billions of business owners. It is convenient and easy business. Customers look for what they want, ask for prices and pay on delivery. But how do you get your potential customers to see your business on any platform and patronized it? It is important to create a page on any of the social media platforms.


Be it Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter, you will need to gather enough social media presence. You can either ask your friends and family to promote your page for you or pay for it to be promoted, either way, having enough social media presence will help you. When people see the products you sell, when they know it is authentic, they will speak to others about you.

Use chatbots to help your customers know that you are available. Be quick to respond to messages and pay for advertisements. Your page will be placed between news feeds and apps. Advertisement costs are as low as $1 or GHS 5.00. The branding should be catchy.

Celebrity endorsements are a great form of advertisement. Instagram celebrities, popular comedians, and influencers can help advertise your business, especially on social media. Because of the social media presence they have, people are curious to know what products they use, what they eat, what they wear, having them advertise your busienss for you will bring you good returns.

Let them become your brand ambassadors. You will need to pay them and as i said, it doesn’t hurt to pay a little for many returns. This is why you see celebrities like Serwaa Amihere always advertising ‘ohmyhair’ wigs. She wears them for work and posts them on her social media platforms, giving credit to the owner of the business and the products. 

There are even pages on Instagram, that has gathered so much presence that, the only work they do on the platform is advertise other people’s businesses at a fee.  You can even help advertise your counterparts’ business, and they will advertise yours as well. It is all about building some trust and presence, through quality branding

When you are in a car heading somewhere and you look through the car window, you see advertisements on billboards, guess what? The customer you are targeting can see it too. So why don’t you pay to advertise your business on a billboard in town? No matter the size, someone will still see it and before you know it, you will be receiving calls here and there, ‘i saw your advertisement on a billboard at adenta, do you have(this and that)?” 

Pay a little, for so much more. Branding is important. Make sure your board is designed in a way that will grab the attention of your targeted audience. If it is a poster targeting children, use bright colors, animations, and children. 

You can still advertise the traditional way. Open up a shop at a strategic location where potential customers will be able to see you and patronize your business. No matter how small your shop is, set it up at a place where people can see it, if it is clothes you are selling, hang out the most beautiful and catchy ones outside for everyone to see. 

Have small signboards placed strategically at vantage points, to direct and show people where you are located. Pay a little for so much more. Some business owners also choose to roam around with their products to advertise them. As tiring as that sounds, it does work sometimes. Especially if you are a beginner or a new business owner. 

You can choose to add all these methods to help advertise your business or choose one of them. It all boils down to your determination, passion, and how much you believe in your business. In such a competitive field, it is important to fight to be the best and be at the very of your game. Start growing your business now.

How do you keep your customers? Be serious with them, do giveaways and promotions and keep stock of things that are in high demand so as not to disappoint them. 

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