How to activate call waiting on MTN

Staying connected with family and friends is essential, especially in today’s digital world. Whether you’re calling your spouse to check-in, calling the office to report on your progress, or catching up with friends, being able to take multiple calls simultaneously can be a great help. If you’re an MTN user, you may be wondering how to activate call waiting on MTN. With just a few simple steps, you can start taking multiple calls on your MTN line.

In this article, we will be discussing the easy steps to take in order to activate call waiting on MTN, so that you can stay connected with your contacts.

About MTN Ghana call waiting

MTN Ghana offers Call Waiting support on its network. With this service, call waiting can be activated to receive a second call after you have answered a call from someone. In other words, instead of hanging up on the first call and then answering the second one, you can answer the first one then immediately get connected to the person again once they are finished with the first call.


Call waiting is an important feature for those who regularly use their mobile phones or landlines for phone calls. However, most mobile networks do not support this feature; it is therefore recommended that you check with your service provider if their network supports Call Waiting before activating it on your MTN account.

How to activate call waiting on MTN Ghana on android

  1. Visit Settings of your phone.
  2. Click on calls.
  3. Once it opens, click on settings and click on additional settings.
  4. You will find a call waiting button.
  5. Toggle to the right to turn it on.

How to activate call waiting on MTN Ghana on iPhone

  1. Locate your iPhone’s settings
  2. Click on ‘Phone’
  3. When it opens, find the ‘call waiting’ tab
  4. Toggle the call waiting feature to the right to activate it.

How to activate call waiting on MTN Ghana using USSD code

Activating call waiting on some phones sometimes proves difficult due to hpw complicated the settings may be. With that, MTN Ghana has rolled out a USSD code that when dialed will automatically switch on call waiting on your phone if off and at the same time switch it off when you want to. To do so,

  1. Open your phones dial pad
  2. Dial *43# to activate call waiting
  3. Dial *43# again whenever you want to deactivate call waiting.

Importance of MTN Ghana call waiting

  1. Call waiting prevents you from missing crucial calls.
  2. Call waiting enables you to merge two calls at a given time.

Final words

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We hope you found this guide on how to activate call waiting on MTN Ghana useful. As you can see, activating this feature on MTN Ghana is very easy and there are no hassles involved. For further assistance, you can dial 100 from any MTN phone to reach a customer care representative. They will be able to assist you with any query you may have regarding call waiting.

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