How to Access Work and Pay Cars in Ghana

Are you thinking about buying your own car but you do not have enough money? Do you need a car that can match your budget? How about work and pay cars? You might have already heard about it. With work and pay cars, you will need to get a trusted company or car owner to sign a contract with.

You will need to pay an initial deposit or down payment, then continue to pay the remaining amount each day, or at the end of every month, depending on the agreement you have with your car owner. After one or two years, the car will be yours. This process can be hassle-free if you find a company or car dealer you can trust. 

Before signing any contract, it is important to do a background check on the car, who was the previous owner, is it an accident car that has been polished to meet the eye? Go with a trusted auto engineer/mechanic to check if there are any problems with the car. You wouldn’t want to visit the workshop every week. It’s not every company that will take on maintenance, sometimes you will have to do it yourself.


Below are the requirements needed before you can have your work and pay car. Common proofs of identification and others.

– A valid driver’s license

– A national Identification Card

– Proof of address 

– A responsible guarantor 

– And an initial deposit

These requirements are very important, a valid driver’s license will prove that you are supposed to be on the road, sometimes a certificate from your driving school will be needed. A  guarantor is also another important requirement. Someone who can be traced, should you run away with the car, unable to complete payment or any mishap that may occur.

As stated above, you can sign with a company that has work and pay cars or someone you know personally who is willing to sell their car to you. Either way, having a mutual agreement should be of the essence. Who is going to be responsible for maintenance? How much should you submit at the end of the day, week, or month?  Can you pull out of the agreement if you notice the vehicle has too many issues?

If you wish to sign with car dealing companies, the following good choices.

  • DC Motors
  • DC motors have flexible work and pay system for taxi, Bolt, Uber. They are one of the renowned and trusted companies. They give you 10%, 15%, and 20% down payment options.
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Call them on 050 000 7358 or WhatsApp them 024 266 6593
  • DC Motors is located on the Spintex Road, Shell Signboard Traffic Light.
  • De Georgia Motors

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  • Not only do they buy and sell new and old cars, but they also have a work and pay system available to you. They are located at Accra, Adjacent Tesano Police Station, Brenya Lane.
  • Call 050 227 1404/ 024 431 9513 for more information.
  • Nimdy Motors
  • Nimdy Motors is also another trusted dealership that imports, sell, swap cars, and provide work and pay systems for a taxi, Uber, and bolt.
  • They are located at Taifa, Opposite Shell Fuel Station.
  • Be sure to meet the requirements listed above, contact any of the companies, or sign with someone you know personally and you will be one step closer to having your own car within a year or two. Other options for buying a car with fewer funds is to apply for a loan at your bank. Be ready with collateral and guarantor for that as well.

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