Herbal Clinics & Hospitals in Ghana and Their Locations

Do you want to find an herbal clinic or hospital in Ghana? If so then this article is going to be the best fit for you.

Ghana is known on the international level as one of the African countries with the best herbal clinics and hospitals. In the olden days, Ghana used to practice only herbal medicine and that was very effective.

But due to colonization and civilization, Ghana adopted the modern form of medicine and ignored herbal medicine. Although this was very helpful, some diseases are best cured by herbal medicine than modern medicine.


The Bible even endorses herbal medicine and in Ghana, several hospitals and clinics practice herbal medicine. At the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, there is a medical course in herbal medicine for students who wish to go into herbal medicine.

Compared to the several private hospitals that practice modern medicine in Ghana, the Herbal Clinics and Hospital’s medical charges are very cheap. Also, the medicines they provide are natural and have no negative side effects.

In this article, I am going to show you some of the herbal clinics & hospitals in Ghana and their locations.

Givers Scientific Herbal Clinic

Givers Scientific Herbal Clinic is one of the biggest herbal clinics in Ghana. Givers Scientific Herbal Clinic has five (5) departments and an accommodation ward that can accommodate a minimum of 30 patients at once.

The services offered by the several departments at Givers Scientific Herbal Clinic include Laboratory services, Chinese massage, Orthopedic, Physiotherapy, etc.

The laboratory at Givers Scientific Herbal Clinic is stuffed with modern technologies and equipment that helps the doctors and diagnosticians to give you a correct and accurate diagnosis.

Some of the diseases that are mainly cured by Givers Scientific Herbal Clinic include stroke, bone problem, diabetes, stomach ulcer, hypertension, waist problems, piles, STDs, infertility, breast cancer, kidney related diseases, etc.

You can locate Givers Scientific Herbal Clinic at Penny Taxi Station, Teshie (0240143267/0268215489) and Kumasi – Odeneho Kwadaso near Christian Service University College (0243038482/0200771202).

Amen Scientific Herbal and Alternative Medicine Hospital

Amen Scientific Herbal Hospital is one of the oldest herbal hospitals in Ghana with over 20 years of herbal medicine practice in Ghana. Over this period, they’ve helped people from all parts of the country with several medical problems.

Amen Scientific Herbal Hospital was founded in 1996 by Sheikh Dr. Amin Bonsu who acquired the knowledge he has in herbal medicine from his father who was a renowned herbalist.

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After obtaining the knowledge from his father, he decided to pursue higher education in the field and upon completion, decided to start his own herbal hospital to help provide herbal care to Ghanaians and people from other countries.

Amen Scientific Herbal Hospital has a vibrant team of professional team of doctors and well-trained nurses to help assist you with all your health problems. The services offered by Amen Scientific Herbal Hospital include Out Patient Department (OPD), Herbal and Alternative Consultation, Counselling, Diagnostic Services, Physiotherapy.

Amen Scientific Herbal Hospital is located at Dome, near SSNIT flats, close to the railway. You can contact them on 020 722 9505/024 527 5254 or [email protected].

21st Clinic

21st Clinic is one of the fastest-growing herbal clinics in Ghana at the moment. They are popularly known for their cure of the Sciatica disease.

21st Clinic is run by a team of highly trained health professionals, led by Dr. Blessed Foster – a medical doctor with years of experience in the health field. Internationally, 21st Clinic has partnerships with hospitals in Cuba, Canada, and India.

21st Clinic offers services in the following areas; Herbal medicine treatment, Ultrasound scan, Laboratory services, Accupointure, Massage & Physiotherapy, Guidance & Counselling, Home care services.

You can locate the 21st clinic at the following locations; Accra (Dome Market Inside Heavy Do Building), Kumasi (Ahwia overseas, near Alpha Radio), Nkoranza (Opposite Presby Bank), Wenchi (Old Market Behind Kramo Store), Sunyani (Kotokrom, Opposite Agya Nkruma Junction), Techiman (Opposite Agyenkwa FM), Sehwi Debiso (Debiso Market), Accra (Dome Market Inside Heavy Do Building), Goaso (Opposite Success FM), Berekum (Adjacent Cris FM), etc.

Other Herbal Clinics in Ghana and their locations

  • Agbeve Herbal Hospital – Sowutuom (0302 420 209)
  • Health Alert Clinic – Madina Post Office
  • Empire Herbal Centre – Box DC 1651, Dansoman
  • Blessed Herbal Clinic – Exhibition Bus Stop, Dansoman

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