Healthy Foods You Can Eat to Gain Height

Trying to gain weight can be a real headache, especially if you are someone who doesn’t like to eat so much. Being underweight can be as unhealthy as being overweight. For most people who think they are underweight, that could be their body structure, they may be naturally smallish. You know you are underweight if your body mass index is below 18.5, as an adult above 20 years.

Being underweight can factor in several illnesses. It could be malnutrition, malnutrition could mean that you eat enough food but you are not getting the needed nutrients to build up your body. People with type 1 diabetes can also be underweight, they do not feel for food as much as a healthy person will. Depression and anxiety, among other ailments, can cause someone to be underweight. 

How then can you gain weight the healthy way? What combination of food is best for putting on some weight? Are vitamin supplements the answer? What about the syrups sold on Instagram that promise you weight gain at the right places?


The following are foods you can eat to put on a little weight, just a little to hit than normal body mass index. 

Homemade protein smoothies or protein shakes can help you gain weight

Buying protein shakes can cost you a lot of money, they work, but they are quite expensive. Herbalife weight gain nutrition, Naturade shake, Whey protein shake, are a few of them on the market. You can mix the powder with water your milk to make a shake.

Milk is a big source of protein and calories that can be added to food to gain weight.

Homemade smoothies will also do the trick if you can’t afford the shakes

You can make your smoothies by mixing fruits with milk or yogurt. The ‘akaka mango smoothie’ recipe developed by Ideal Milk Ghana is one of them.

Blend Mango, Ginger, Milk, sugar, and Ice to make ‘akaka mango smoothie’.

Another simple smoothie recipe is banana, sugar, and milk, blended. There are many other smoothie recipes on the internet. Some people prefer it over protein powder.

Avoid milk if you are lactose intolerant.

Other proteins such as boiled red meats, chicken, pork, cheese, eggs, beans can be added to meals.

Beans can be boiled, mixed in palm oil and cassava granules, and eaten alongside fried plantains or eggs. Kimchi, with fried pork chops, is one healthy meal you can eat to gain weight. Kimchi is a Korean dish, it is salted simply, salted cabbage. While you are eating pork, filled with fat and protein, you are accompanying it with salted vegetables.

Eat eggs, boiled eggs, randomly. It can be a snack that you will take between meals. It is not junk food. 

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If you want enough energy while gaining weight, foods rich in carbohydrates are your go-to. They are rice, whole grains, cassava, yam, plantains. Westerners say that if you want to gain weight, you don’t need supplements, all you need is African foods, these foods are rich in carbohydrates, they are heavy, get healthy. When eaten at the right time and allowed to digest. 

Eat Fufu with light soup, made out of either cassava and plantain or yam. Banku, Akple, Rice balls, and more. Eat as much as you can and allow it to digest. Between these meals, you can have potato chips, fried yams, or cassava chips as snacks, accompanied by healthy soft drinks such as vita milk, country milk, Welch, and more. 

Fruits and vegetables are the main sources of vitamins. When you consume enough fruits, you won’t need to buy vitamin supplements. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins A, C, E, phosphorus, folic acid, and more which help boost appetite, prevent anemia and keep the body strong and healthy. 

For breakfast, you can mix fruits to eat, or blend them into fruit juice. You can eat fruits as a snack between meals as well. An apple a day, they say keeps you away from the doctor, you can take an apple before bed. 


Listing particular foods for you to eat to gain weight is not the best. Eating a balanced diet is the key. Whatever you eat, make sure it has a share of all the essential vitamins in it, let it be healthy, and watch your weight while you do so. Your goal is to reach the normal body mass index, not to exceed it.

Drink lots of water and eat snacks. Eating a lot in one setting won’t guarantee weight gain, but eating maybe three large meals and three snacks in between can help gain weight. Never skip breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So for instance, after breakfast at 7 am, you can take fruits or meat pie and a soft drink at 10 am and wait till noon to eat lunch. After lunch, you can take fried yams or spring rolls filled with beans and eggs at 2 pm, and continue at that pace, all while eating healthy meals.

If none of these works, just wait till you reach a certain age. At a certain age, especially for women, weight gain comes naturally and you will even try to stop it. For some people, as stated in the introduction, you may be naturally smallish in stature, no amount of food or supplement will make you gain weight.

Vitamins supplements work for some time, they boost your appetite, most of them contain cyproheptadine to help you gain weight. The weight does not stay and in the long term after taking the medicine, you will start putting a lot of pressure on your kidneys which can lead to its damage. 

Gain weight the healthy way. Talk to a nutritionist today. Dietcare Ghana, NutriDi, Rdsali nutrition are a few. 

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