Glo Unlimited Browsing working with Hammer VPN; Free Browsing Tricks 2019

Firstly, Download and Install the latest version of Hammer VPN.

After installation, launch Hammer

VPN and configure the following settings below:

Change 500 to 80


Change 0 to 8080 or 8081

Ensure your settings is 100% correct to avoid seeing server 8 in the hammer VPN.

Note: Seeing server 8 simply means your configuration is wrong.

Turn ON Airplane mode and immediately exit Hammer VPN.

After exiting, disable Airplane mode and launch back Hammer VPN when your network bar is trying to come on, by this period all servers will be refreshed to get German Servers.

Choose and connect from any of the available German servers, wait for

For those who have premium, Hammer VPN account can enjoy unlimited
bandwidth access, while those on free service have a daily limit bandwidth for.

Enjoy while it lasts.

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