Givers P (Power) Capsules: Price, How it Works, Side Effects & How to Use

Good news for all you men who are struggling to be “proper sexual.” Givers Power Capsules is on the market to help you boost your libido and promote male and female sexual health. Givers Limited says they have got you, and your wife will no longer look behind your head with disgust.

Givers P capsules have many uses. Check them out below;

Uses of Givers P Capsules

Givers P capsules treat erectile dysfunction. Strong word, but we know you know what erectile dysfunction is; you didn’t know that’s what it’s called.

It’s when you cannot sustain an erection during sexual intercourse. In other words, you cannot stay hard for a long time. Even if you keep a healthy diet, you can still get erectile dysfunction, and many men have it for various reasons. It could be due to age, sexually transmitted diseases, or others.

Givers P capsules also treat premature evacuation or the inability to delay orgasm. Also known as the one-minute man sickness. Premature ejaculation also has its causes, and it can affect any man.

Givers say they are here to give you the remedy that you need. You haven’t been cursed and didn’t sleep with the wrong woman. Neither are you no longer a man because you cum too early. You’re just a little ill. Get Givers P capsules today.

You need Givers P capsules if you have sexually transmitted diseases or infections. Women can even take this to treat a condition like candidiasis.

Givers P capsule is also great for treating low sperm count in men.

It also treats general body pains and urinary tract infections

Anytime your holy grail feels like it needs to be fixed like it’s supposed to or used to, get yourself Givers Power Capsules. It is only for men over 18 years.

Side Effects

The medication has no known adverse side effects on fully grown men who have problems with male vitality since it’s made from all-natural ingredients. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women or lactating mothers.


Active ingredients include Penianthus Zenkeri and Clausena Anisata


2 capsules 2 times daily after meals

Price of Givers P Capsule In Ghana

Givers P Capsules are not expensive at all. Depending on where you purchase it, you can get it from GHS 30 to GHS 40.

Where to Buy Givers P Capsules

You can purchase Givers P Capsule from all leading pharmaceutical ships in the country. For bulk purchases, call 054 322 2470. You can also order it online through AddPharma and other online pharmacies from the comfort of your home.


Gives P Capsules is recommended for male sexual health because the FDA has approved it, and there are many testimonies out there about what it has done for many men who have suffered from bedroom problems. 

It is also recommended because of the natural ingredients used in making it, no artificial additives, or even a color.

Have you tried Givers P capsules yet?

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