Ghana AirtelTigo Free Browsing Trick & Cheat for Sundays

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With the plenty taxes that we are paying on data and airtime, and the fact that data is even more expensive now and if you don’t use it too, it expires, we are always looking for Free Browsing Tutorials.

Today, we found a tutorial that you can use every Sunday to download as much as you want and browse the whole day for free.

We advise that, when you get free browsing tricks, use the data beneficially to do things like updating your apps, uploading and backing up your photos and maybe reading things that will make you grow spiritually since it is a Sunday.


If you are new to free browsing tricks, just follow the instructions and you will be fine.

For today’s free browsing trick on AirtelTigo to work, you need to first download an app, if you don’t have it already.

It is a VPN called Psiphon that helps to do all the tricks.

Steps to enjoy free browsing on AirtelTigo this and every other Sunday

Download Psiphon VPN. You can click here and directly get the APK.

Then install Psiphon on your android device. If it asks of permission to install the app, accept it.

Now, the next steps involve subscribing to the cheap AirtelTigo offer that will help us to browse on Sundays.

Dial *533# to access the AirtelTigo bundle menu

Select “Night/Sunday Bundles”

Select “Sunday Bundles”

Subscribe to Unlimited Facebook/Whatsapp at 30p

Now Open Psiphon (the app you just downloaded and installed) and Connect,

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Once connected, you will see a key at the top of your phone’s status bar. That shows that the VPN is working.

Please note that if you restart your phone, you will have to connect again.


After using the VPN, you can access all sites with the 30 pesewas bundle, not just WhatsApp and Facebook.

Also, don’t do this trick if you already have a lot of data on your device as it might end up getting used.

I always advise that you use a new sim card or a sim that does not have any sort of credit or bundle on it.

This is because, if you try cheating and you are cheated, it hurts more than anything else. So stay sage and browse good.

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