Fear of God Nike price in Ghana

The fear of God brand and Nike collaboration is a great partnership in the fashion industry, The CEO of fear of God, Jerry Lorenzo is one who is mostly known for his taste for footwears so, it was not a big surprise when he pulled out such a sort after brand. Connecting with Nike which is one of the most popular footwear brand in the world even skyrocketted the deed.

Thhe fear of God collection is a notable apparel which has been designed with the fear of God signatures, making it easy to note them and also has the touch of Nike style making it more glamouring. The two top brands have collaborated to produce the Fear of God x Nike Air 1 and the Fear of God x Nike Air Skylon 2.

Fear of God Nike price in Ghana 

The fear of God Nike sneakers are rarely found in Ghanaians sneaker stores at the moment and if anyone wants to make a purchase from Ghana, you need to make an order online from the Nike store or any trusted online dealer.


The fear of God Nike can be purchased and shipped to Ghana for not less than GHS 4,000. Price can rise due to several factors such as shipping cost. However, there are other outlets in Ghana that has a replica of the fear of God brand for as much as GHS 400 but I’m not sure you would want to wear a fake product.

Factors affecting Fear of God Nike prices in Ghana

1. Overall economic situation in the country

The economic situation can determine how rapidly people would want to spend on such a high costly product. The harder the economy, the less chance of people patronising.

2. Availability of Nike products in Ghana

Original Nike product have limited dealers in Ghana which makes the demand for the product high making the prices to also go high.

3. Cost of production and transportation

If it is expensive to produce and transport Nike products to Ghana, prices may be higher to cover these costs.

4. Competition from other brands

If there are other popular shoe brands in Ghana, Nike may have to lower their prices to remain competitive.

5. Consumer preferences and trends

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Consumer preferences and trends can also affect the fear of God Nike prices in Ghana. If there is a high demand for a particular style or color, prices may be higher for that specific product.

Where to buy Fear of God Nike in Ghana

Purchase them from official Nike retailers in Ghana. Nike has stores in the country, including in Accra and Kumasi.

You can also purchase from a reseller. A reseller serves as a third party. the purchases the product and then sell it to you for a higher price. Make sure you trust the reseller for such business. Else, you may end up getting a fake one.

The last option to look after is online. You can order your fear of God Nike directly from the Nike store online. You can also purchase from trusted online stores.


Ghanaians love to hear the word sneakers. With the fear of God, the price may be higher but the quality and exclusivity of these sneakers make them a worthwhile investment. With this, make sure you research your sources thoroughly before making a purchase.

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