Fast Selling Products you Can Sell Online in Ghana

Are you thinking about taking your business online? Has the traditional method of buying and selling become old-fashioned to you? Read on to get ideas, tricks, and a full understanding of the art of online commerce, what kind of products to sell, and how much you can make from doing business online.

First, why sell products online? There a quite a few advantages to selling your craft online, it is easy and convenient, sit at the comfort of your home and make money. It’s a safe way of doing business, in this day and age of the pandemic, you can protect yourself and others from getting infected and spreading the virus.

There are shortcomings in doing business online as well. The older generation hardly uses social media platforms, hence, they do not know how to navigate through the internet to look for items to buy when they need them. Sometimes, people prefer to pay for items on delivery and they end up not paying or even collecting the item.Doing business online is very difficult sometimes, especially if you do not have the appropriate audience.


Below are the top 5 best-selling products on the internet. Products people are patronizing, products you should be selling if you plan to take your business online.

Clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories

This is the first on our list because there is no doubt that nowadays, people love purchasing clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories like jewelry and watches online. Once you know your size, you’re good to go. All one will need is to purchase from a trusted source.

If you are planning on creating an online shop, clothes should be on your list of things to sell, it can even be the only thing on your list. It can be thrifts or new clothes, people will buy them. For every choice of clothes, you should have a targeted audience. For thrifty clothes, your audience should be young adults, students.

Don’t expect to sell clothes for older people and get any audience. They are not on the platforms! Showcase beautiful shoes and elegant clothes to grab the attention of everyone that visits your page. Do short aesthetic videos with your products and have people share them to get the audience you need.

Cosmetic products

Apart from clothes, the next thing you should think of selling is cosmetic products. Body creams, wigs, make-up kits, body enhancement products, acne washes, and more. Girls love these things. People follow trends. Body enhancement products are being patronized by many people because that is the trend, people want to gain weight in the right places.

Girls are going crazy over bone straight and water curls wigs, collect these quality wigs and sell them on your social media platforms. Acne, hyperpigmentations, and discoloration worry everyone at some point in time, people love to try every product to see the one that will work for them. Collect or make our products at home and sell.

In short, everything that ladies love, that is trendy, sell them.


Now many people would say this is not a very good idea, to purchase electronics from the internet because it may arrive fake. Create an online store that people will trust. Sell only original products to people. Change the misconception that online stores sell only fake goods.

In other countries, people like to purchase electronics like mobile phones, laptops, game consoles, and the likes on the internet. It is easier, it is fast and safe. Sell the newest and latest versions of mobile phones, have people recommend your store. If you are also buying wholesale from another shop abroad, make sure you trust the source.

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Non-perishable foods

One thing you can also sell on your online shop is non-perishable foods, during the lockdown, people could no more go out to buy foodstuffs, some countries were on complete lockdown. In situations like these, people will love to buy your goods.

You can sell products like milk, beans, rice, groundnuts, and other non-perishable goods. people who do not always have the time to visit supermarkets to buy groceries will make your ‘dm’ busy. Some people also wish to purchase some items that are not from Ghana, like Korean Ramen, American cheese, and others. Have them shipped and be one of the few online stores that sell such food products.

Some building materials

There are a few shops online that sell building materials. It is a very lucrative business. People building houses every day and they need these materials. Create an online shop that sells some of these materials in bulk and distribute them to building sites.

Cement bags, iron rods, pipes, and woods can make your list. You will need to have a trusted delivery service to help you with this. This kind of online business is not very common. You will be one in a few.

That said, you might have already picked a thing or two and you’re wondering how you can make this online business more lucrative. What can you do to get that social media presence? Make your online shop one in a million? Here are a few things you can do;

  • Promote your page. Pay a little money for more returns.
  • Do giveaways very often
  • Install chatbots
  • Work with a trusted delivery service

Choose any of the social media platforms and create your page, you can even create a website if you want. Gather enough presence and you’re in business!

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