Emergency Contraceptive Pills in Ghana: Price, Side Effects and Where to Buy

Most times when I visit the pharmacy, I meet many young women who come in to purchase contraceptive pills, some of them appear shy and embarrassed as if they did something that isn’t supposed to be done, why is that? Is taking an emergency contraceptive pill a bad thing to do? Does it have any side effects? Is there anything wrong with deciding to avoid pregnancy in a relationship?

First, what are emergency contraceptive pills? These are medicines that are taken after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. It works by delaying the release of an egg from the ovaries until the sperms aren’t active in your body anymore, in simple terms, it prevents sperms from fertilizing an egg. It can be taken right after having sex or even 72 hours afterward.

Before I introduce you to the type of emergency contraceptive pills we have here in Ghana, I would like to clear the difference between emergency contraceptive pills and oral contraceptive or birth control pills. The former is taken hours to days after having sex while the former is taken regularly, almost every day to prevent pregnancy.

Emergency Contraceptive Pills and Prices in Ghana


The following are the type of emergency contraceptive pills we have in Ghana that can be purchased at any pharmacy or licensed over-the-counter medicine sales point without prescription.

Emergency ContraceptivePrice
Postinor 2 OriginalGHS 32.00
Lydia Emergency PillGHS 10.00
Levon-2GHS 10.00
XtivorGHS 10.00
LenorGHS 10.00

Other emergency contraceptive pills are Norlevo and Pregnon. Some of these are either a single pill or two pills. Depending on your weight, you can take either one of them or two. Emergency contraceptives contain Progestin, which is a synthetic Progestogen that is also used in the treatment of many other gynecological conditions.

When Can You Take Emergency Contraceptive Pills?

In which situations can emergency contraceptive pills be taken?

They can be taken after unprotected sex, to prevent pregnancy, as stated above. It can also be taken after the failed use of oral contraceptive pills or birth control pills or condoms. Emergency pills can and should be taken after a sexual assault, even when a condom was used. Apart from taking these pills, copper-bearing IUD can also be used to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Side Effects, Truths, and Myths surrounding emergency contraceptive pill

Side effects of taking emergency contraceptive pills vary from person to person. Symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, breast tenderness, cramps or abdominal pains, and headaches have been recorded. Studies say that there are no long-term effects when taking these pills and they do not, in any way, induce abortion. Meaning, when you take it while pregnant, or perhaps you don’t know you are already pregnant, it will not abort the baby. That is why there is a time range for taking it.

People say that taking these contraceptives in the long term can harm your fertility, it is not true. It is only a myth. You can use these pills more than once and it is absolutely safe. People say it alters your DNA and messes with your menstrual cycle, while the former untrue, there are cases where it can change your menstrual cycle.

Why Take Contraceptives, Especially in Marriage?

Putting a good amount of space between your children is very important. You can pay equal attention to all of them, and that is one advantage of taking this pill. If you do not want to do the job of taking birth control pills every day, emergency contraceptive pills will do the trick, every time you have sex with your husband, you can take it to prevent pregnancy.

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And perhaps you want to stop giving birth, you have reached the number you want. Post pills or morning pills can be of great help. Giving birth to the number of children you can take care of is essential to a happy home and marriage.


Parents always tell their girl children not to take emergency contraceptive pills because they may not be able to give birth in the future. As I said before, it is just a myth. Teenagers and young adults in other countries take pills more than twice in a week and they are still very fertile. But if you still stand by that idea, abstinence is your only option, which is not a bad thing to do.

Abstaining from sex prevents unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, Gonorrhea, HIV/AIDs and many, others, plus, as part of African or narrowing to Ghanaian culture, you honor your husband by being a virgin. As true as that may be, having sex or staying a virgin is your choice.

Besides, abstaining from sex for a very long time can cause a number of medical and psychological conditions.

To conclude, take contraceptive pills when you need it knowing it is safe and healthy.

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