Dstv Ghana: Decoder Price, Subscription Cost, Channels, and more

Are you thinking about installing a Dstv decoder to catch up on all the interesting happenings around the world?

We all know how boring these local channels can get, we are with you on getting a DSTV decoder.

But which channels will you be watching? And at what cost? 


Owned by Multichoice Limited, the sub-Saharan African satellite service, Dstv was launched to provide viewers with numerous channels for their relaxation and amusement.

These channels air entertainment programs, sports, news, political, and socio-demographic information from everywhere around the world.

To begin, you will need to purchase a decoder from retail outlets or order it online.  There are two types of Dstv Decoders. The Explora and HD Zapper. 

The Dstv Explora 

This decoder costs between GHS 460 to GHS 550 without installation. It costs between GHS 700 to GHS 840 with the installation. 

Installing this decoder comes with its advantages. Like the Dstv catch up, which enables you to catch up on all programs and tv series, record, and watch them later. There is box office, for your high-quality movies and tv series.

Explora HD viewing allows watching from your television as if you were there in person. 

With Explora Playlist, you can record up to 220 hours and watch them later. Xtraview specification is available on Explora.

Thus, you can watch different shows in different rooms under one subscription.

The Dstv HD Zapper 

Get this decoder without installation between GHS 100 to GHS 140 and GHS 160 to 200 with installation, which is a little less expensive than the Explora. Promises similar entertainment in a small package.

The Xtraview feature is also available on this decoder and its High Definition quality is amazing.

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Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

Subscription Packages

After purchasing your decoder, you will need to subscribe to channels at a fee. They come in five different packages and four add-on packages to meet your budget.

Glance through the packages below, which one would you rather go for?

Premium package

With just GHS 350 a month, you can subscribe to 185 channels on premium. This is the most expensive subscription but it offers you a variety of channels airing different useful, knowledgeable programs.

It contains lifestyle and culture channels, audio channels, commerce and news channels, sports, and local channels. 

Compact plus

Subscribe to compact plus at GHS 215, to watch 172 channels. This is very common here in Ghana.

Most homes and workplaces subscribe to compact plus because it is cheaper and is only 13 channels less than the premium package.

It comes with a variety of sports channels as well.


The compact package costs GHS 145 and airs 165 channels. It offers a wide variety of programs for entertainment.

There are news and commerce, religion, music, sports, and so on. Audio channels are also available on compact. 

Family package

Watch 139 channels at only GHS 80. This package is supposed to help keep the whole family entertained. Contains a selection of channels which includes universal channels, Sony max, Africa magic movies, and many more.

Watch these channels in HD with your children and the rest of the family, at GHS80.

Access package

The most economical package is the access package. Watch 124 channels for GHS 40.

Watch lifestyle and documentaries, lifestyle and culture channels, local channels, religious, sports, music, etc. watch over a hundred channels with just GHS 40 a month, does it not sound like a good deal? What are you waiting for?

Purchase your decoder right now and enjoy the best television viewing experience at a low cost.

Apart from these five packages, get four other add on packages. Get 15 plus channels on Indian for GHS 135, 5plus channels on Great Wall for GHS 29, another 5 plus channels at GHS 29 on French Touch, and 10 plus channels for GHS 180 on French plus.

How to Pay Your DSTV Subscription in Ghana

There are different ways to recharge your subscription should it expire. It can be done via;

  • MTN Mobile Money/Airteltigo Money
  • Dstv Eazy Self Service
  • eTranzact
  • Slydepay
  • Express Pay
  • At UBA
  • At Multichoice Offices

How to check your DSTV Subscription due date

Perhaps you would like to know when your subscription will expire. There are different ways to do this. You can check it online on the official Dstv website, check it on My Dstv App or do it the easy way, use the self-service USSD code *759#

  • Dial *759# on your mobile phone
  • Select option ‘1’, DSTV
  • Select option ‘4’ for renewing subscription
  • Enter your smart card or IUC number and send
  • The name of the account, subscription, and due date will be displayed.

To conclude, Dstv provides the ultimate viewing experience at a cost that meets your pockets, enough of the boring and uninteresting local channels, install Dstv and subscribe to watch the best of entertainment, news, documentary, and many more.,

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