DNA Testing in Ghana: Requirements, Cost and Approved Laboratories

DNA testing is done to determine whether an individual is the biological parent of a child.

Deoxyribonucleic acid is the gene that can be inherited from a parent, if the test comes out in 99% or more, it means you are definitely the parent of a child.

Chimera is a rare condition where a parent or child has two sets instead of one genotype. When this happens, the test might not work.

How a DNA test is done in Ghana


The test can be done by swabbing the insides of the cheeks of the child and the alleged father in a laboratory by a medical professional.

It should be known that in a case where the result of the test is needed as evidence in a court, the test must be done by a professional or in the presence of one.

Apart from that, samples of blood, hair, skin, and amniotic fluid (which is the fluid that surrounds a fetus during pregnancy) can be taken for the DNA test. The result comes out in a few days.

Why you might need to do a DNA Test

Child Support

You will need to do a DNA test if you want to obtain child support or custody. You can go voluntarily or get ordered by the court to undergo the test.

The court can only allow the alleged father to pay child support if he is indeed the father of the child, and that can only be determined through a DNA test.

For an alleged father who wants custody of his child, he must establish paternity, only then can he be given custody or be allowed to visit his child.


You need to establish that you are the parent of a child before you can be given immigrant rights.

You can’t come and be living freely in a country with a child you have probably stolen or abducted. You will need to do a DNA test to prove paternity

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Clear Doubts

Deciding that you need to do a DNA test can be a personal decision as well. Have you been having doubts about being the parent of a child? Are you seeing behavioral differences? your partner might have indirectly mentioned that you’re probably not the father of their child?

Or you’re watching too many episodes of Paternity Court? Whatever it is, you can decide to get the test done.

Whatever you decide to do after getting the results is your personal decision.

Explore personal health

Your DNA can tell you a lot about your health. It’s an explanation of the kind of genes you have and if you happen to have any looming health problems, you can see it through a DNA test and you will know what to do to protect yourself.

Cost of DNA Testing in Ghana

The cost of the test differs from hospital to hospital and the number of individuals involved. It starts from GHS 1,600 to GHS 10,000. Yes, GHS 10,000 in cases where they have to do an amniocentesis and Chorionic Villus Sampling need to be done. This is the process done during pregnancy and it’s pretty expensive.

Requirements for a DNA Test in Ghana

For adults

  • International passport
  • Drivers License
  • National Identification Card

For Children

  • Birth Certificate of the Child
  • Two passports photos per child
  • The mother must provide consent if the child is below the age of 18.

If a parent is not alive at the point of the testing, legal documentation, evidencing the legal guardian status of the requestor is necessary. A marriage and death certificate is sometimes required.

Clinics/Labs that offer DNA Testing in Ghana 

Blueprint DNA Organisation

Location: General Ankrah High Street, Dansoman

Mobile: 054 711 3957

DNA Center Ghana

Location: Ridge, Independence Avenue

Phone: 030 293 2267

Mobile: 054 099 0799

The Trust Specialist Hospital

Location: Kuku Hill, Osu

Phone: 030 276 1974/ 030 276 1975

Email: [email protected]

Synlab Ghana

Location: 17 Ridge Road

Phone: 030 276 3580

Email: [email protected]

MDS Lancet Laboratories Ghana

Location: 27 Museru Road, Shiashie

Phone: 030 262 0480

You can also do a paternity/DNA test at the following health facilities:

  • Korle Bu DNA center
  • Nyaho Medical Center
  • Marie Stopes Ghana
  • The DNA Testing Lab- MMA Ghana


Each hospital and the amount they charge for a DNA test, so it will be best if you call any of these hospitals to make inquiries.

Even though DNA testing is not very popular in Ghana, there are medical centers with the needed types of equipment to help you with the test if you need it.

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