Differences Between Nurse Assistant Clinical & Nurse Assistant Preventive

The Nurse assistant clinical and preventive are two-year nursing programs in Ghana. Their duties differ, and so do their salaries and workspace. If you’re planning to apply for either of the two, it’s essential to know what their work entails to make an informed decision.

The nurse assistant program equips students with the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to enter the healthcare system as practicing nurses.

The program is usually ideal for students whose high school certificate results will not permit them to pursue diploma and degree programs in nursing. It is an excellent start to where you would want to reach in your nursing career.


The nurse assistant preventive is a course that centers on the health of individuals. It teaches nurses to encourage individuals to receive preventive services such as counseling, screening, and work on individuals who are not actually sick, hence the name “preventive.”

Their job description is similar to that of community health nursing. However, the nursing assistant clinical job is geared toward caring for and advising patients.
The clinicans work under registered nurses and midwives to care for patients’ basic needs.

Duties of the Nurse Assistant Preventive

  • Public health education
  • Assess the physcial and mental needs of individuals
  • Provide first aid
  • Collect and analyze routine data on health problems in the community
  • Carry out home service in order to monitor the health and responsiveness of individuals
  • Conduct immunization exercises, weighing and health screening

Duties of Nurse Assistant Clinicals

  • Feeding patients
  • Bed making
  • Cleaning and washing
  • Taking patients vital signs
  • Assisting patients to perform daily living activities
  • Public health education

From their duties, it is evident that the preventive nurses help to prevent illnesses while the clinicans care for people who are already sick.

Uniform and Salary

Their uniforms also differentiate them from other nurses. Both the preventive and clinical nurses wear green uniforms with green collar. They also get paid between GHS 1,200 and GHS 1,700 at the end of every month.

Entry Requirements

If you want to apply to study either of the two courses, you will need to meet certain requirements before you can apply, else you will application will be rejected before you even know it.

Requirements For Auxiliary Programmes

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  1. Community health nursing
  2. Health assistant preventive
  3. Health assistant clinical
AGE18-35 Years18-35 years
Overall AggregateA cut off aggregate score of 48 or better in 6 subjects compromising 3 core and 3 elective subjectsA cut off aggregate of 30 or better in 6 subjects compromising 3 core and 3 elective subjects
Core Subjects and Minimum GradesAt least credits (A1-E8) in 3 core subjects i.e English, Mathematics and Integrated ScienceAt least passes (A-E) in 3 core subjects. i.e English, Mathematics and Integrated Science
Elective Subjects and Minimum GradesAt least (A1-E8) in three elective subjectsAt least (A1-E8) in 3 elective subjects

If you meet the requirements above, you can now go ahead to apply by purchasing a voucher at any of the health training designated banks in your area, thus Ghana Commercial Bank and the Agricultural Development Bank.

Visit the health training official site and log in with the serial number and password on the voucher card, correctly fill in all your information and submit it. You will be called for an interview if you meet the requirement or if everything is correct on your application form.

Skills you Need to Pick up.

To become a nurse, there are some skills you need to pick up on your way. You need to have excellent communication skills, be patient, be computer literate and learn to work under pressure. Be a responsible person as well as respectful. These attributes are required to care for and love people you do not know.

The admission has recently closed for this year, but you can try applying for the next academic year. Make sure you meet the requirements above and prepare well for your interview. You can apply for the auxiliary programs or better your results and go straight for the diploma and degree programs.

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