How To Do CSSPS School Self-Placement

After completion of over nine (9) years in basic school, and writing of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E), it is the dream and hope of every JHS graduate to get the Senior High School (SHS) of his/her dreams.

Because of that, the Ghana Education Service together with the Ministry of Education allows, prospective graduates, to choose some 5 (previously 4) senior high schools of their choice.

Based on the performance of the candidate in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E), he/she is placed in any one of the five (5) schools. This is done by a system called the Computerised School Selection Placement System (CSSPS).


But that is not usually the case for some people due to some issues in the school. Some of the issues may include technical issues, or the school may have filled to its maximum capacity.

In such situations, the candidate can be allowed to perform self-placement based on their grade in the BECE.

What is CSSPS Self-Placement?

The Computerised School Selection Placement System (CSSPS) self-placement is the process where candidates who were not placed by the CSSPS are allowed to choose from available senior high schools based on their result.

The reason for this may be a failure in any of the four (4) core subjects, i.e. English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, and Social Studies, or provision of wrong information during the registration process.

In this regard, candidates are allowed to *pay a fee* for the CSSPS to provide them with available schools for them to choose from.

How To Do CSSPS School Self-Placement

Before you start this process, you need to buy the CSSPS placement voucher. Afterward, you can proceed with the rest of the process as outlined below:

  1. Visit the official CSSPS website ( or
  2. Log in with your 10-digit index number plus the year of completion (01100200119) and the 12-digit e-Voucher code
  3. Click on Check placement status
  4. If you have been placed already, you will see it there. But, if you have not been placed a self-placement link will be shown to you
  5. Click on the Self-Placement link
  6. Choose your preferred region of placement
  7. Select your preferred program (You cannot change this program)
  8. All the available schools in the region will be displayed, select your preferred choice. (A selected school cannot be changed again)
  9. Click Submit to complete the process of self-placement
  10. Proceed to print your placement slip and send it to the chosen school

After CSSPS Self-Placement, What Next?

After the self-placement, your details will be sent to the selected school and you will also be required to go to the school with your placement list. On your placement slip, all the information about your placement together with your accommodation status and the track (gold or green) will be found.

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When you visit the school, you will be required to provide your placement slip and then the administrator will write your name in his/her book. Next, you will be given a hall/house and a list of items (prospectus) you must submit when reporting to school, and the date you need to report to school.

Finally, you will have to go home, buy the items and report to school on the date given to you by the school administrator. When you report, your items will be inspected by your hall/house prefect and master, and a room will be assigned to you.


The CSSPS Self-Placement introduced by the Ghana Education Service (GES) is a very good initiative that is going to help every JHS graduate. Previously, most students who were not placed in the CSSPS had to pay some huge amounts before they were placed in schools.

Persons who were not able to afford these amounts had to stay home and re-write the B.E.C.E before they got school placement. Now, all these situations are curtailed gradually and everyone is given another chance to get the Senior High School of his/her choice.

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