Best, Cheapest And Fastest 4G Networks In Ghana | 2019 Guide

If you landed on this page, then you are probably looking for the best, cheapest or fastest 4G network in Ghana right now. You are at the right place.

In this new article, I’m going to list the best 4G networks, the ones with the cheapest data bundles and the fastest one.

To come up with the best network, we will have to list which one has the largest coverage, cheapest data bundles and of course the fastest speed.

Largest 4G LTE  network coverage in Ghana


MTN among all the 4G Internet Service Providers has the largest coverage. There is service available in almost all the Major cities in the country.


Surfline being the first 4G network to find a home in Ghana serves Accra and some parts of Takoradi. Even though they were the first, they don’t have the majority of the customers. Only a few internet users know about their services.


The name is busy but their network is not busy at all. They serve only some few areas in Accra and Tema. They fall last on my list when it comes to coverage ranking.

Fastest 4G LTE network in Ghana

MTN 4G LTE/Fibre Broadband

You can’t compare the speed of light to that of sound. All of 4G networks use radio/ cellular frequency transmissions to provide their services hence, making it difficult to get a proper signal if you are not in range with  the frequency.

You can never compare to an internet service that is connected to the transmitter directly with wire. You don’t need signal strength to browse. All you need is to plug a wire into your device or get a router to use it with your wireless device.

MTN’s 4G Fibre Broadband is so far the fastest internet speed in Ghana right now. Up to 60MB/S that is a huge gap for most of the 4G Internet Service Providers.


Being first 4G LTE Internet Service Provider to arrive in Ghana, that should tell you that they didn’t come here to play. They came on time with the mindset of winning more customers before the competition gets tougher.

Surfline is quite fast especially if you find yourself in an area where the network signal is really powerful.


Busy is also fast. At least faster than all the 3G networks out there. Being one of the oldest companies of it’s kind, I think I will say I’m a bit disappointed in their coverage issues.

If the network signal is strong you will get an awesome speed but that network is always not stable even at where they claim there is coverage. It is quite good if it is for personal use but for business, you might get disappointed customers.

Cheapest internet data bundles in Ghana


They might not be the fastest or the one with the most coverage on map,  but they do have some awesome data bundles and the cheapest 4G data bundles for that matter.

They have metered bundles and then unlimited packages for those who use heavy internet on daily bases.

Busy data bundles
Busy data bundles

They have awesome bundles but the time range is just a bit short. Also they do have a rollover for all the bundles except the unlimited packages but another problem is you can’t buy less than you have.

Even though they give you awesome bundles, it doesn’t end there, they also give you what is called “Social bundles” in addition to every data you purchase.


Being the first  to arrive doesn’t make them the best to arrive. They do have little problems as well and they are not the cheapest when you are looking for budget data bundles.

Surfline internet bundles

They also have unlimited packages but it is still nothing compared to Busy’s.

Surfline unlimited internet bundles

As you can see the difference between the cost of browsing for each network is so huge that you can tell the difference in a single glance.


They can be the fastest, the one with the largest coverage but they are definitely not the cheapest. Most people are using MTN for browsing because there is none with the speed and there is none with the best coverage. Their bundles are definitely the most expensive ones on the market.

As you can see, their bundles are way up. I know they have postpaid services but how can that be better than their monthly data bundles?


Based on all my listings, you can decide which network best fits your demands and that becomes the best network for you.

The listing is completely based on my experience using the networks. I am not affiliated to any of the companies providing the said services in anyway. I’m just a customer who is listing based on both company’s data and experience during the service usage.

For questions or suggestions you wish to add to this list, leave a comment below.

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