Companies That Give Work And Pay Cars in Ghana For Bolt & Uber

Do you want to start an Uber or Bolt business in Ghana? But, are you looking for a car? Or is your money small or not enough to buy a car for your Uber or Bolt business in Ghana?

Have you been asking yourself any of the questions above? If yes, then you are at the right place and at the right time.

In this article, I am going to show you top companies that give work and pay cars in Ghana for Bolt and Uber.


The digital transport business in Ghana has gained prominence over these past few years. At the moment, there are about five (5) different digital transport companies operating in Ghana.

From Uber to Yango to Bolt to Taxify to Lyft, etc. they are helping to grow the Ghanaian economy and at the same time provide easy and comfortable transport for the entire citizenry.

Aside from all the benefits, these businesses have on both the Ghanaian economy and the citizenry, before you can start this business, you need a car. And as we are all aware, the price of a car is not something you can easily get.

Due to that, the best option available for persons who cannot afford to buy a new car is by registering on a work and pay system.

What Is A Work & Pay Car System?

A work and pay car system is a system where drivers and car owners go into an agreement that the owner’s car will be used by the driver for commercial or private purposes; through which the driver will either pay an initial fee or not and then pay the remaining amount on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Usually, the driver becomes the owner of the car once the full payment for the car has been made by the driver. So, it is always advisable to ask for the full price of the car before going into an agreement.

The daily, weekly, or monthly payment schedules are outlined in the contract. Also, the amount you pay depends on the type of car you were given by the owner.

What Are The Requirements For A Work And Pay System?

  • A valid national photo ID. (Ghana card, Voter’s ID, or Passport)
  • A valid Ghanaian drivers’ license.
  • Proof of address (digital and physical).
  • Passport size photograph.
  • An initial deposit (this depends on the terms and conditions of the contract).
  • Finally, you need a guarantor who is socially recognized as a responsible person.

Companies That Give Work and Pay Cars in Ghana for Bolt and Uber

DC Motors

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DC Motors is the first company on our list today. DC Motors have flexible work and pay system for drivers who want to own their own car with just a little money.

Before you can enroll in DC Motor’s work and pay system, you need to visit their office with a 10% deposit.  Along with that, you also need to add two (2) passport photographs, photocopy of your drivers’ license, and a guarantor with a passport photo.

All the cars that are provided by DC Motors can be used for any purpose, being it Yango, Uber, Bolt, Taxify, or for personal use. Some of the cars they provide are Toyota Yaris, Toyota Vitz, and Kia Morning.

The payment schedule for DC Motors is as follows:

  • Taxi (GHS 500/weekly)
  • Uber (GHS 450/500 weekly)
  • Bolt (GHS 450/500 weekly)
  • Taxify (GHS 450/500 weekly)
  • Private car (GHS 2,000/3,000 every month).

They can be located at Spintex Road Shell Signboard Traffic Light. You can call them on 050 000 7358/024 266 6593) or via WhatsApp on 024 266 6593

Fix Link Consult Limited

Fix Link Consult Limited gives out work and pay cars to drivers who are serious and qualified. The only thing you need to do is to register after a successful interview with driving test examination at their head office.

To register, you need to visit Fix Link Consult Limited’s Head Office with two (2) passport photos, and a valid driving license. After you pass the interview and the driving test, you will need to fill out the paperwork and after that, your new Uber or Bolt car will be given to you.

On the contract, all the information about the payment schedule and the price of the car alongside the sanctions will be found in it. You can contact them on 050 106 4110.

Nimdy Motors

The last but not least company on our list today is Nimdy Motors. They are importers of new, used, and salvaged cars from abroad.

Nimdy Motors provides drivers with all auto management services. They sell and swap cars and also rent cars for both personal use and events.

Drivers who are interested in work and pay can apply to Nimdy Motors now and their dream will become a reality in just a few days. If you want a loan, Nimdy Motors also provide car loans to all interested clients.

You can locate them Opposite Shell Filling Station, Taifa Junction, Accra. You can also call/WhatsApp them on 024 491 6585.

How To Apply For A Work And Pay in Ghana

  1. Read through the article and contact any of the companies.
  2. Seek clarity from the company and ask all your questions. If the answers you are given doesn’t match what you expected, contact a different company.
  3. Visit their office and pay the required fees.
  4. Read through and sign the contract in front of the witness (es).
  5. Take your car home and start doing your Uber and Bolt business.

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