China Mall: Locations and List of all Products You Can Buy from there

China Mall, located in Ghana’s capital city of Accra, is an amazing shopping destination where you can shop for everything from electronic gadgets and appliances to clothing.

So if you’re looking to buy something, you can find it at China Mall, as long as you have the cash in your pocket to pay for it.

Here are all of the details on this massive and successful shopping center.

China Mall locations


The China Mall is a place where you can buy many different products. Their locations are spread across Accra and Kumasi especially. With the little amount in your pocket, pass through any of their storso nearby and you will surely get yourself something.

China Mall Ashaiman

Ashaiman China Mall is said to be the first station of the shopping mall when they first arrived in Ghana. It has been in business for several years now and has served customers with various commodities.

China Mall Spintex

The place to go if you’re seeking for affordable things is China Mall Spintex, Accra. They provide a wide range of products and a vast network of retail locations. China Mall Spintex Accra is located at 35 spintex Road, Accra.

China Mall Kasoa

Kasoa is one of the newest China Mall branch in Ghana. It is located behind the West Hills Mall and it is serving 1000s of customers with wide range of products.

China Mall Kumasi

In Kumasi, China Mall is located in Ahinsan around the Atonsu Road. The mall is very popular in Kumasi because of how affordable their products are. Just like all their shops across the country, they have wide range of goods for their visiting customers.

NB: At the moment, China Mall has only physical locations. No online services or business transaction has been seen on their website. Therefore, if you need anything from them, you better get to their physical shops.

List of all products you can buy from China Mall

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China Mall is a shopping center that sells household goods, electronics, clothes, shoes and more. China mall has over 40 stores that sell different types of products. The mall also has a supermarket on the first floor with fresh produce, meat, dairy items, frozen goods and other food items.

There are two floors for customers to shop on and the second floor has a bigger variety of products than the first floor. They sell electronics, kitchenware, clothes, shoes, toys etc.

Below is a complete list of all products sold at China mall with their respective categories:

Home Decor and Furniture Products

  1. Curtains 
  2. Bedding carpets
  3. Rugs 
  4. Artificial flowers 
  5. Couches 
  6. Wardrobes
  7. Table lamps 
  8. Clocks 
  9. Cushions 
  10. Vases 
  11. Mirrors 
  12. Photo frames 
  13. Baskets 
  14. Glass sculptures 
  15. Trays 
  16. Decorative bowl
  17. Plates Ceramic vessels
  18. Sculptures Books, and more

Electronic home appliances 

  1. Fridges 
  2.  Standing and ceiling fans
  3. Washing Machines 
  4. TV sets 
  5. Gas cookers Rice cooker
  6. Blenders 
  7. Electric kettles 
  8. Led bulbs and chandeliers 
  9. Stabilizers 
  10. Fridge guards, and more.

Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic beverages 

  1. Soft Drinks 
  2. Wines 
  3. Whiskies 
  4. Coke 
  5. Mineral water
  6. Gin
  7. Brandy
  8. Rum 
  9. Pepsi 

Sanitary Ware 

  1. Sinks 
  2. Toilet bowls 
  3. Lavatories 
  4. Washbasins 
  5. Bathtubs
  6. Soap holders/trays
  7. Toilet paper holder.
  8. Pedestals

Car Accessories 

  1. Blind Spot Mirrors
  2. Phone Mount
  3. Portable Power Bank
  4. Stinger
  5. USB Charger
  6. Hydraulic Jack
  7. Car Tool Set
  8. Bluetooth Transmitter

Bags and Luggage

  1. Travel bags Suitcases 
  2. Handbags 
  3. bag packs 
  4. lunch bags
  5. Laptop bags 
  6. Gym bags 
  7. Duffle bags 
  8. Waist bags

Prices of goods at China Mall

The prices are reasonable with some items costing as low as GHS 20-50. The customer service is also good. An exact price tag can’t be given but depending on what you are there to buy, make sure you have enough on you. With GHS 50 to GHS 1,000, you are good to go.


If not the best, one of the best affordable shopping Malls in Ghana. It is known to the majority and if you have not been yet before, then it’s a worthy place to visit and stock your room up.

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