Certificate Pharmacy Assistant: Short Courses and Cost of Training

Some pharmacy assistants gain the necessary skills by taking short courses and certificate programs, whereas others learn on the job through an apprenticeship program with an experienced pharmacist.

In either case, training to become a pharmacy assistant can be relatively affordable, but some programs do cost more than others.

In this article, we are going to talk about certificate pharmacy assistant short course, their cost and some questions and answers you should know when choosing a program for your needs.

Who is a Certificate Pharmacy Assistant?


Certificate Pharmacy Assistants are trained to work in retail pharmacies. They may also be known as a Pharmacy Technicians.

These professionals are trained to offer, customer service, perform inventory management, fill prescriptions, process insurance claims, and provide technical support to the pharmacist.

Certified Pharmacy Assistant works under the supervision of a pharmacist and other health care professionals. Most are employed by retail drugstores or hospital pharmacies.

How do I become a Pharmacist in Ghana

Pharmacy is a science related program. To start it all, you first need to have a a strong science background from your secondary school days.

To be among the favourite, you need to have passed your WASSCE excams with good grades. A minimum of a credit pass in 4 core science subjects, Including Matchematics and English Language.

Now, you will have to sit for the pharmacy school entrance exams after applying and getting shortlisted. Depending on the school you will also be sitting for an interview.

If you are able to pass through all this procedure, then you can study pharmacy in any accredited institution in Ghana.

Accredited Pharmacy Schools in Ghana


To qualify to practice as a pharmacist, you must possess the necessary qualification. Also, the qualification must be met with the minimum requirements for registration as a pharmacist. The accepted qualification to practice pharmacy in Ghana are:

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  1. Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm)
  2. Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D)

Degree Pharmacy Schools

  1. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
  2. University of Development Studies
  3. University of Ghana, Legon
  4. University of Health and Allied Sciences
  5. Central University College
  6. Entrance University College of Health
  7. University of Cape Coast

Pharmacy Technician Training

For a pharmacy technician, you must be a Higher National Diploma certificate holder to be able to be accepted for work in the country or beyond

HND Pharmacy Schools

  1. Baldwin College
  2. Health Access Institute
  3. Royal Ann Health College
  4. Narh-Bita College
  5. Kumasi Technical University
  6. Sunyani Technical University
  7. Maranatha University College
  8. Wa Technical University
  9. Nelchris Science College
  10. PharmaTrust Professional College
  11. Advance Global College

Medicine Counter Assistant (MCA)

A medicine counter assistant needs an approved certificate from any recognize institution registered and accepted to impart the needed knowledge

Medicine Counter Assistant Schools

  1. 360GV MCA Training School
  2. Advance Global College
  3. Alphadelta Training and Development School
  4. Ancient MCA Training School
  5. Avenue Chemist MCA Training School
  6. Carest College of Health
  7. Chrismor Institute MCA School
  8. ChrisPharma MCA Training School
  9. DHI College of Health and Education
  10. DAS Darry College
  11. Educollege MCA School
  12. Endswell MCA Training School
  13. Fair Field College
  14. Ideal Health Assistant Training Centre
  15. Mednet Health College

Pharmacy Courses

This courses can be offered throughout your 4 years or 3 years pharmacy training for your degree, diploma or certificate.

  1. Retail Pharmacy
  2. Hospital Pharmacy
  3. Clinic Pharmacy
  4. Home Care Pharmacy
  5. Mail Order Pharmacy
  6. Assisted Living and Long-term Care Pharmacy
  7. Compounding Pharmacy

Pharmacy short courses

Pharmacy short courses were mainly brought to less burden students who wants to be suitably work as a sales representative in pharmaceutical industry.

The course are:

  1. Retail and Consumer Management
  2. Wholesale and Warehouse Management
  3. Salesmanship (Sales rep)

Admission requirements neede to be enrolled in any accredited pharmacy school in Ghana

Any candidate seeking to be enrolled in a Pharmacy school in Ghana must have either O Level Certificate (GCE), Senior High School Certificate Examination (SSCE) or West African Examination Certificate (WASSCE).

Also, you must make sure you have 4 passes in your secondary school exams in the science field (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Elective Mathematics including Core Mathematics and English Language.

How long is Pharmacy Course in Ghana

Pharmacy courses in Ghana takes four years of study in your institution to complete for your degree or HND certificate.

How long is Pharmacy Assistant Course

To become a Pharmacy Assistant, you are expected to take a minimum of 2 years to complete your program of study which consist of basic and post basic levels.


In all, one can become a Pharmacy Assistant if they have the qualification and the preparedness to do so. Following the procedures above and reading through to know what to do and not to do can also be of help in your journey.

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