Business Ideas for Graduates in Ghana

In case you don’t know, there are thousands of University graduates here in Ghana who have not been able to acquire a job.

Unemployment has been the order of the day, but the smart ones have refused to stay idle. They are doing a thing or two to put food on the table, and you should try too.

We will introduce you to a few business ideas. Businesses you can take on if you are still finding it difficult to get a “white collar” job.


Even if you didn’t study business administration or accountancy at the University, you could still own a business.

We were all thought a little something about entrepreneurship in Senior High School, so we take it that you have a fair idea.

Let’s cut to the chase. Below are five businesses you can do to sustain yourself, businesses you can build on to become that CEO soon.

Get into Agribusiness

Agribusiness involves the production, marketing, and sales of goods for consumption. Gone are the days when farming was a job for “uneducated” people or people who haven’t been to class one.

Many people are taking on agribusiness now, especially the youth. Don’t wait for the government to give you jobs. Get into crop cultivation or livestock farming.

Keep in mind that humans never stop eating, so no matter how small your farm is, you can get something to sell to people. Snail farming, poultry, and pig farms are the agribusinesses making the waves in recent times.

There is so much profit from it. All you need is a comprehensive business plan, good land, enough funds, employees, and you are good to go.

A sack of maize costs GHS200 or more. Imagine how many sacks you can get from an acre or two of a farm. And it takes only three months to grow.

Start a mobile money business

If no one has told you, many of those mobile money shops you see are owned by graduates. It is one business that you can get so much profit on within a short time.

It is easy but not risk-free. With the right worker and the right amount of money and Inventory, you are good to go.

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MTN mobile money pays you a commission at the end of every month for the transactions made. You get interest on every money you send, and you get money from the credit cards you sell.

With as little as GHS 7,000 to GHS 8,000 or even less, you can start a mobile money business, and depending on how busy the area is and how diligently and seriously you work, you can make up to GHS 700 to GHS900 a month.

Sounds good. You get even more profit when you add Vodafone Cash and AirtelTigo money. The more your start-up capital, the more you gain.

Register with Uber

Ridesharing is not entirely your own business because you will need to pay Uber and your car owner (if the car isn’t yours).

But many graduates are doing it. It is not very easy but very profitable, especially if the car is yours. You can register to become an Uber driver online or visit their office at Kanda.

A few companies can give you a car to use as well, you will pay them at the end of the week or month, but it is always the best if you know your car owner in person.

Car owners usually charge GHS 350 to GHS 400 every week. Whatever you get after giving them their money is all yours. And you can raise GHS400 within four days at most.

You will need to pay Uber as well. Roughly, you can make GHS 150 to GHS 200 a week or more, and it all depends on how long you can work.

Business is better at night and on weekends, and Uber usually gives bonuses. And guess what? No more trotro for you. And hey! You will buy fuel and repair your car when there’s damage.


Buy and sell goods if you know someone who is outside Ghana. Someone in Switzerland, Dubai, or the United States, you are at an advantage.

What is boosting in the market? What is good, but you can hardly find it in the market? Will it be profitable? And don’t settle there. You can also import your crafts to be sold in those countries.

Buying clothes and accessories from Dubai to sell in Ghana is profitable because those things are cheap over there.

But imagine how much money you can make from importing your craft to be sold in a country like the US, looking at how weak the cedi is to the dollar. What are you good at? Arts and crafts? Can you paint? Can you make beautiful clothes and accessories? All you need is a link to the market outside Ghana. A reminder, it sounds easy, but it isn’t.

Create a website and become a writer

Do you know websites like, Ghana Web, Ameyaw Debrah, and our very own Asetena are making money from the contents they create? Or do you think you are reading this article for free? You can have your website and write interesting content, stuff it with google and pay per click ads, and get paid.

It will not be very easy as it sounds if you do not have enough audience to generate traffic on your blog posts.

With this job, you get to learn more while making money.


There are many more businesses you can engage in to make money if you are in another country. But here in Ghana, your options are limited. Make good use of the ideas we have given you, make more inquiries.

They say that the devil finds work for idle hands, don’t sit around. We know that making GHS700 a month while you have a student loan to pay can be disheartening, but it’s better than doing nothing.

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