Black Latte in Ghana: Uses, Price and Where to Buy the Product

Are you overweight, and have you tried all remedies known to a human? By all remedies, we mean going to the gym, going on a healthy diet and buying supplements?

We are sure you have tried many supplements that have now given you serious side effects. These remedies often do work, but it takes a lot of time and effort.

We want to introduce you to Black Latte.


Black latte is a drinkable dietary supplement for healthy weight loss. When consuming black latte, you do not need to go on diets or hit the gym. Unlike your usual cup of coffee, black latte not only energizes you but also burns active excess fat in the process.

The medicine has undergone clinical trials conducted in the United States of America, England and Israel. It has been confirmed to be one of the best and most harmless weight loss remedies.

Apart from burning fat, what else is the powder used for?

Uses of Black Latte in Ghana

  1. It absorbs fast, turning it into energy
  2. Removes toxins from the body
  3. Suppresses appetite and give energy
  4. Remove excess liquid from the body
  5. Produces dopamine, otherwise known as the happy hormones

You gain excess weight due to high calories in your foods, sedentary lifestyle, metabolic disorders, and hormonal failure, leading to cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis, obesity, and more.

Black latte contains ingredients that help break down accumulated fat and affect the nervous system function to decrease your appetite for sweet, fatty, and floury foods. It does all this in one month or less.

Unlike other products, the weight loss journey does not stop even after you are done consuming the black latte.

Ingredients of Black Latte

Black Latte contains the following ingredients, which are 90% natural composition.

L- Carnitine, chromium picolinate, activated carbon, demineralized whey, maltodextrin, coconut oil,

Instant coffee, coconut extract.

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It contains an only amount of caffeine.

Why Choose Black Latte over other weight loss products?

We know there are hundreds of other weight loss products out there. 

You probably tried a few of them, but we will let you know what is unique about this product.

  1. The product has no side effects because it is made with 100% natural composition without synthetic impurities.
  2. The product cleanses the body of slags, toxins and harmful substances that must have accumulated from the supplement you had consumed before.
  3. When consuming Black latte, you do not need to change your diet or increase physical activity.
  4. It has undergone clinical trials in three different countries. USA, England and Israel.

How to Prepare Black Latte

After purchasing your black latte, you should know how to prepare it before consumption; we will show you how.

  1. Put two tablespoons of powder (12g- 14g) into a suitable container and pour over 200ml of hot water.
  2. Mix thoroughly until completely dissolved
  3. Drink entirely.

It is advisable to drink in the morning, every day for one month. Take the product if you have a body mass index above 25.

Where to Buy Black Latte in Ghana

Black latte is not sold in pharmacies or stores in Ghana. You can only get it by visiting JiJi, where you can buy the product at a 50% discount even though it goes for GHS500. You can get it for GHS 250.

Buying it from their website is simple and convenient, the price is good, and you are assured of getting original products. Apart from their website, you cannot get black latte to buy anywhere else. Do not let anyone deceive you into buying a fake product.


It does not hurt to try a new product in your weight loss journey. Especially if it is a product made with natural ingredients, you may have tried a few ones in the past, and you are skeptical about this one, but you will not know if a product works until you try it.

The testimonies are numerous. Many people say that it works wonders, want to join the train? Visit the website above, and if you have any more questions, you can leave them in the comment section.

This article is meant to inform and educate; it does not supersede the knowledge of manufacturers. Hence, for more in-depth information, contact them through [email protected], specifying the name “” in the subject line of the email.

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