Best Hostels for International Students at KNUST

Have you applied to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and wondering which hostels you should consider looking at as an international student? Do you want a hostel with all the necessary facilities that is still affordable? You have come to the right site. We did some digging so that you won’t have to.

What to Look Out For

The hostels we have listed below have all the best facilities to help you enjoy your stay at school.


There are a few things you should look out for when picking a hostel of choice. Is it at a reasonable distance from the school? This is important. You wouldn’t want to arrive late for lectures because you live very far from school.

You also have to be sure if the hostel is safe, is security tight, or will your life be in danger. What about the size of the rooms? Are they furnished? How many people do you plan to share a room with? And the price? Will you and your family be able to afford it? 

While you are still finding answers to those questions, check out the hostels we have picked out for you;

West End Hostel

West End says they have the largest population of international students at KNUST, and it is the most lively because it is located a few minutes from the famous Accuzi pub, which is home to numerous students at night.

West End hostel is located near KNUST Ayeduase Gate, which isn’t far from the lecture halls.

There is space for one in a room, two in a room, three in a room, and four in a room. Some of the rooms come with fitted wardrobes and beds.

There is a study room, TV room, spacious parking lot, mini-mart, and many more. The facility is safe and in a serene environment.

Call 020 824 3133 for more information

Banivillas Hostels

Banivillas is located near the Ejisu highway. The rooms are spacious and fitted with the right amenities and you can stay in a room alone or with two or four people.

It is a gated community that is safe, with many security cameras overlooking the activities of students. There is a study room, a spacious parking lot, a restaurant, a salon, and more. 

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Some apartments are fitted with shower and toilet facilities and standard rooms with air conditioning and individual meters.

Call 054 012 1250 for more information

Adom Bi Hostel

The Adom Bi hostel is also located at Ayeduase, close to the lecture halls. The rooms are fitted with air conditioning and DSTV. There is free access to WiFi, and you can share a room with one, two, or three people. There is also 24-hour water and electricity supply.

Call 024 446 2154 for more information

Brunei Hostels/ GUSSS

Brunei is the only hostel on our list located on the university campus, which is very close to the lecture halls. It is categorized into baby Brunei, Brunei complex, old Brunei, and New Brunei. There are 4 in 1 room, 2 in 1 room and 3 in one room. There is 24-hour WiFi, water, and electricity supply. CCTV cameras monitor students’ activities and promote safety at the hostel.

The rooms are large and fitted with all the essentials you can think of.

You have to apply to get into this hostel, and you can do that by going to their website

Buadi Executive Hostel

As the name suggests, Buadi is an executive hostel behind Mount Oliver Prayer Camp. Five minutes drive from the campus. All the amenities are available if you can afford them.

Call 050 960 3999 or 057 707 9725 for more information.

Price of Rooms in Hostels

We have estimated the prices of rooms in all the hostels above. The prices may differ depending on the number of essential amenities available for a room. The number of people you will be sharing the room with also counts. Putting these into consideration, check out the prices below

Four in a room – between GHS 1,300 and GHS 1,700 per student

Three in a room – between GHS 1,700 and GHS 2,000 per student

Two in a room – between GHS 2,200 and GHS 3,200 per student

1 in a room – GHS 3,800 and GHS 5,600


Living in an international hostel has its merits. Students are safer there because Ghana prides itself on protecting the safety of foreigners. You also get the chance to connect with other international students. The amenities in international hostels are also better, and that is a fact. The prices are also affordable. Remember that you will be paying these in dollars, though.

Happy hostel hunting.

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