The Best Fast Moving Items To Sell in Ghana

Do you have a provision shop where you sell items in Ghana? Do you intend to start a shop but you are wondering which fast-moving items to sell in your shop?

If you have any of these questions, then this article is the best fit for you. This is because in this article I am going to show you some of the best fast-moving items to sell in Ghana.

All the items listed in this article were found out after we researched the market. On the market, we asked different people the products that they sell very fast.


After we also asked the customers to see whether they often buy these products and their answer was yes. You can confirm this yourself by examining the products you buy often from the market.

In no particular order, below are the best fast-moving items to sell in Ghana. Please note that the items have been categorized to give you a clear picture of what we are trying to talk about here.

Fruits & Vegetables

During my research, one of the items that were recorded to be fast selling were fruits and vegetables. According to the traders we researched, it is very unlikely for their fruits and vegetables to go a day without being bought by a single person.

This means that, no matter how worse your day goes, you will at least get some one (1) or two (2) people to buy your fruits and vegetables. Even with the coronavirus disease that is still in the country, the want for fruits and vegetables has increased drastically.

Now, everyone wants to eat fruits and vegetables to boost their immune system as the experts suggest. Even when the virus becomes a thing of the past, people will still buy fruits and vegetables because they know their importance.

Mobile Phones & Accessories

Mobile phones and their accessories were also one of the items that appeared to be fast-moving to sell in Ghana. The accessories especially were the one that most people said was sold very faster than mobile phones; although it is also fast-moving.

You and I can agree that, most Ghanaians like buying a mobile phone and its accessories regularly. Especially, whenever a new mobile phone is released and the price of that phone is not that expensive everyone rushes to the market to buy it.

On the other hand, mobile phone accessories are being bought every day by everyone. This ranges from the chargers to screen protectors, cover, headphones/earpiece, etc.


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Every single day, someone somewhere needs a cosmetic product. From the average person who goes to the market to buy a single body lotion or pomade to the person who goes to the market to buy perfumes, lotion, deodorant, etc. they are all buying a cosmetic product.

No matter the quantity the person buys, he or she is still buying a cosmetic product. Have you ever decided not to use cosmetic products anymore?

The answer you have is a big NO! and this is because no matter who you are, you need a cosmetic product. Thus, you can agree with the traders that cosmetics are one of the fast-moving items to sell in Ghana.

Fashion & Beauty Products

Fashion and beauty products are being sold on regular basis. This ranges from the clothes in the boutiques to the second clothing sold at Kantamanto, Circle, Madina market, etc. and any other fashion product you could think of.

Every single day, we wear clothes and other fashion products like footwear, belt, and watch. There is no way you can go a single day without a fashion or beauty product.

Hence, fashion and beauty products are one of the fast-selling items in Ghana.

Books and Stationery

Books and stationery is the next product on our list of fast-moving items to sell in Ghana. The need for books and stationery is all-year-round and everywhere in the country.

On occasions such as reopening of schools and examination period, the request for books and stationery increases very much. Even after that, students and non-students all use books and stationery for their own personal use.

Health & Pharmaceutical Products

We can never talk of fast-moving items to sell in Ghana without mentioning health and pharmaceutical products; especially not in this coronavirus pandemic period in the world.

Whenever you feel some slight headache, what you do is to go to the over the counter medicine seller to get some paracetamol or gebedol. It is after some days that you decide to visit the hospital (that is if the pain continues to exist).

Other than that, the over the counter medicine seller is your personal doctor. So, it was no surprise that health and pharmaceutical products appeared on our list today.

Other Fast Moving Items To Sell in Ghana

Aside from the items listed above, below are some of the other items that were recorded to be among the fast selling items in Ghana.

  • TV decoders;
  • Furniture;
  • Gaming products;
  • Baby products, etc.


Knowing the fast-moving items to sell is one of the best ways to make the most out of your business, shop, or market. And in this article, we have given you a hint about some of those items

Interestingly, almost all the items listed in this article don’t cost much to start selling. All these involve just a little capital to get started. Even if they required a huge capital to start, the fact you know that you have a higher chance of succeeding is worth it.

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