Best Birthday Gift to Give Your Girlfriend

Ah, birthdays! A special time of the year for a lot of people. It’s a day you see your life in retrospect, look at old photos, snap new ones, and thank the universe for adding another year to your age. It is characterized by giving gifts to the celebrant, throwing a party, and complete ecstasy.

Celebrating your girlfriend’s birthday is another thing on its own. Girls are picky and difficult, yet very easy to impress. You’re probably here because you’ve run out of ideas for the best gift to give your girlfriend, in order not to get the “oh.. uh.. thanks”, yes, that reply meant, she isn’t impressed at all, you failed!

What you should consider before preparing your gift

You can’t just get up, go and buy something and give your girlfriend. You need to know the kind of things she likes. What is her preference? Is there a particular thing she keeps talking about? Yes, sometimes she gives you hints and clues, listen. Another thing you need to know is if she’s allergic to anything.


You wouldn’t want to buy something that she’s allergic to, that would be a big disappointment. 

It should be normal that you would know your girlfriend’s size. Her foot size, clothing size, everything of that sort, but if you don’t know, please ask. It’s important, buying something that doesn’t fit her will make you look a little dumb. 

How much do you have? What’s your budget? Try not to be too great by spending money you do not have. Some girls actually love small things, the little things make them happy. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant gift, she might still not like it. So watch your budget.

Why is it important to give her gifts?

Generally, giving your girlfriend gifts shows how much you care, how much you think about her. It helps build a tighter bond between the two of you. Buying her things that will stay forever will remind her of you all the time. 

Gifts show appreciation. Giving her gifts show how much you appreciate her, it’s romantic. And sometimes it’s just common courtesy.

Unique gift ideas for her birthday

As I said early on, get her something you know she would like. Don’t go off the rail, consider what kind of situation she’s in, what she does for a living, trust me, if she’s rich and you’re still trying to impress her with a new mobile phone, you have failed! Or you’re trying to impress a typical Ghanaian girl with flowers, don’t do it.

Go through this list, perhaps you will find something new, something she will like.

Shoes, bags, make-up sets, and personalized bracelets or necklaces

Notice how I have put them together because you know this and you’ve already thought about it and you’ve probably already gotten her things like that in the past. If you haven’t, girls love these things, you can buy her a bag or shoes, she will absolutely love them. She might already have a lot of them but, what’s wrong with a few more?

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A portrait, or painting of her

Ok now, this is unique isn’t it? If you’re an artist yourself, you’re at an advantage. But if you’re not, there are many artists in Ghana, you just need to send a beautiful picture that she loves to an artist. It can be a picture of both of you or her alone. 

Let the artist capture that beautiful moment on a canvas, frame it, and deliver it to her on that special day. Make it a big portrait, don’t be stingy. 

Notice the look on her face as she tears it open. You’ve won!

Flowers (stacked with money)

You read it right. I said it early on. Ghanaian girls don’t really cherish flowers as an idle gift, so if you’re going to give her one, add a little flair to it. Stack it up with a lot of money, she already loves you, but she will add some more. 

This is a very good gift idea, especially for a girl who doesn’t take money from you all the time. She will love it. I wouldn’t consider this the only gift on that day though. 

A new mobile phone, ear pods

Who doesn’t love a new mobile phone? I know I do. Remember when the two of you were discussing which phone brand is the best? Do you remember the answer? Get her the latest module of the phone, she will be grateful, add ear pods.

A book

I know what you’re thinking. “Why should I get her a book? I can get her that any day, and besides, she doesn’t like reading”. She will love a romance novel that you have read, put in little sweet notes on every page. 

Even if she doesn’t love reading. She will read, just to see what you’ve written in it, and if she is a nerd, you’ve won the lottery. Make it books. Start now. 

A heart lamp

This one, you can’t get to buy in Ghana. But you can always order from Amazon. These are two lamps. Keep one, give one to her, wherever you both are, whenever you touch your lamp, hers will lit. When she touches hers, yours will lit. It’s a way to show you are both thinking about each other even if you’re not texting or calling each other. Romantic, isn’t it?

Find it, and buy it. It exists.

A new car

It should be a new car, you can’t go and buy her “home use”. If you have enough money, buy her a new car and give her the keys. She will love it.

Buy her new clothes and take her out for dinner

Go to the boutique or go crazy on an online store and purchase a beautiful dress that will look good on your girlfriend. You have two options deliver it to her yourself and wait while she gets dressed to take her out, or have it delivered to her with a note, with the time and date and pick her up, with your car, or an Uber. 


The bonus gift ideas which are very common is a cake, or chocolates and a new wristwatch. Surprise her with something new, something she will love. Every girl and their taste of preference. For a girl who loves music, you can buy her a flute or acoustic guitar and she will love it. It all depends on the type of things she likes.

I suggest you get to know her more and more to speak to her heart with a gift she will absolutely love.

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